The Salary You’d Need to Own the “Full House” House

Beloved family sitcom “Full House” ended back in 1995, but thanks to reruns and a spinoff that debuted on Netflix in 2016, fans continue to be enamored with the Tanner family. Almost as iconic as the show’s characters is the beautiful San Francisco home they lived in. The famed three-bedroom, four-bathroom Charles Lewis Hinkel house on Broderick Street in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood continues to be a popular tourist attraction for those hoping to get a glimpse of television history. It may surprise you to learn that Jeff Franklin, the creator of the show, bought the home in 2016 for a cool $4 million.

Real estate does not come cheap in this area of San Francisco, and the home prices in the area range between $895,000 and $3.19 million, according to Trulia so the “Full House” home is not much of an outlier. Using the guideline that your monthly mortgage payment should be no more than 28 percent of your salary (and using a 10 percent down payment and current interest rates), you’d need to earn a salary of $1.03 million to afford to buy the Full House house at a $24,000 monthly mortgage. Now it makes sense why four adults were living under one roof on the show!

Though you may not be able to buy the Full House house, there are some amazing homes just about “everywhere you look” in Lower Pacific Heights.

According to Alan Morcos of Pacific Union International, people are drawn to the area for its central location, which offers quick access to a number of other popular areas and points of interest, including Presido Heights, the Fillmore District, downtown San Francisco, and the Presido National Park at the Golden Gate.

The opening credits sequence of “Full House” showed the family enjoying a lot of the attractions about town, including the beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo Square Park, and the Painted Ladies. Their house on Broderick Street certainly would have put them right in the middle of all that action.

According to Trulia, locals love that the neighborhood has plenty of stores and restaurants within walking distance and describe the area as dog-friendly and safe, with well-lit streets on which they feel comfortable walking alone at night.

Because it’s so popular, Morcos cites heavy traffic and noise during peak hours as potential downsides of living in the area.

“The commute to the South Bay and East Bay can take longer than expected due to distance to freeways and current increased traffic in the city,” he says.

Check out this nine-bedroom home in Lower Pacific Heights, listed at $3,185,000. The house has three separate flats, two of which are vacant. The lower flat is tenant-occupied, month-to-month.

This three-bedroom Victorian home includes a recently-remodeled guest suite and modern finishes. It’s listed at $2,495,000.

This three-flat features exposed redwood beams, tall ceilings, and ornamental built-ins. It’s listed at $2,726,500.



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