These Curtain Tie Backs Let More Natural Light into Your Dark Apartment

We’ve all lived in that unfortunate dark apartment that is both on the first floor and faces a brick wall. And sure you made the best of it, but maybe now you’re living in a place that has, wait for it, multiple windows! (You’re truly on your way to the top!) But even with more windows, there’s still one thing you can do to eke out as much natural light as possible.

While a combination of blinds (for privacy) and curtains (for looks) is the norm, you’ll be surprised at how quickly costs can add up—especially if you have more than one window. So cut corners where you can. In my opinion, if there’s anything to skimp on, it’s curtain tie backs. They’re easy to make, and, not only do they maximize the light in your place, they are a pretty addition to your curtains. Here’s how to make your own.

Start by gathering your materials. For this project you’ll need: thin rope, scissors, yarn (two colors), two metal circles, and c-hooks. (Note: You can also customize this project to your tastes too. Instead of yarn, use a piece of leather cording or skip the alternate pink color altogether for a clean, coastal look.)

Start with one piece of rope and make sure there’s enough to loop around and hold back each curtain. Cut six strings of rope and two pieces of yarn so they’re all the same length.

Moving a quarter of the way down the rope, knot the strings and start braiding them together.

Keep going until you have a quarter of the length left and then knot the end. You want to leave some fringe hanging on each end.

Affix the gold loops around a string on each of the knots. This will used to affix the rope to the wall and keep the curtains pulled back and away from the window.

Screw the c-hook into the wall where you want your tie backs to attach to the wall, and attach the gold loops to the c-hook to fasten. Trim the ends of the string to your liking.

The real beauty of this project is that, unlike a lot of other curtain tie backs, you don’t need to be able to sew to do this project. You don’t even really need any tools either. Plus, the supplies are cheaper than what it would cost to buy curtain tiebacks for one window.



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