Your Complete Guide to Really, Really Big Wine Glasses

A glass of wine is a unit of measurement (technically, just five ounces), but it’s also a state of mind. For the days that call for a more generous pour, there’s a surprisingly robust selection of wine glasses that push the boundaries of ‘really big’ right into the land of “freakishly large.” If you want a wine glass that will make you feel really tiny and really tipsy (but seriously, drink responsibly), we’ve got a few options.

Studio Mercantile Oversized Wine Glass, $9.99 from Macy’s

Ever wished you could drink an entire bottle of wine in one glass? Well, your wish has been granted. This enormous wine glass will comfortably hold 750 ml (and look good doing it), so you only have to do the pesky work of pouring once.

20-Inch Giant Hand Blown Wine Glass, $49.99 from Amazon

If a wine glass capable of holding an entire bottle just isn’t big enough, there’s this grand offering, which is a full 20 inches high. The product copy on Amazon indicates that you can use it as a bucket for chilling wine, but there’s also a silhouette of a man gracefully sipping, which seems to indicate that drinking from it is a distinct possibility. Perfect for recreating this gif.

Ravenscroft Maxi Bordeaux Oversized Wine Glass, $179.99 from Wine Vine Imports

Similar to the above but made of crystal, this is a product that says, “I demand quality in my truly enormous wine glasses.” Wine Vine Imports indicates that its capacity is a whopping 336 ounces, which means that it would take 13 bottles to fill this puppy all the way up. That’s… a lot of wine.

The appropriately named Great Big Stuff offers an 11-inch paper clip, a 10-foot beach ball, and this wine glass, which is made of crystal and measures 25 inches high. It also weighs 11 pounds, so drinking from it is probably a pretty good workout for your arms as well as your liver.

46″ Wine Glass, $99.99 from Costco

Yes, you read that right. Costco does indeed offer a wine glass that’s almost four feet tall. The photos on the website all show the glass being used decoratively, but could you drink from it? Well, probably, if you happen to be really strong. Costco doesn’t provide any indication of how much wine the glass holds, or how much it weighs, but the production team for “Inside Amy Schumer,” which sourced a similarly sized wine glass for their sketch “Football Town Nights,” said that their glass, when not-quite-filled with 4 gallons of watered down grape juice, weighed almost 40 pounds.

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