Check Your Parent’s House – Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Might Be Worth a Fortune

Remember the good ol’ days, when your parents would make you some popcorn and you’d sit down to watch a Disney classic on your VHS player? If you remember that, you probably feel ancient whenever you talk to a teenager these days. They don’t know what floppy discs are, they’ve never seen anything but a DVD, and they couldn’t tell you what a cassette player was used for.

Even though VHS went out of style many years ago with the onset of the DVD and then Blu-ray disc, people still have their old VHS tapes. And by people, we mean your parents, most likely. They spent a lot of money buying you every Disney movie on VHS, they’re not trying to just throw that all away. Or perhaps, your parents are nostalgic and like to keep all of your old favorite things around the house now that you’re gone. You might be well into your 30s, but you’ll always be your parent’s baby. At least, that is the case with our parents.

Next time you go to your parent’s house (or if you took your VHS collection with you), you’re going to want to see if your tapes are in good condition. You can make a pretty penny by selling them on eBay. Who would have though VHS was coming back into style? All of the VHS tapes below were already sold on eBay, these prices aren’t just outrageous listing prices, people did pay that amount.

Sold Price: $7,500

For a movie that came out in 1937, it sure can make a lot of money in 2018. As you can see in the photo, this seller bought the VHS for only $21.99.

Sold Price: $4,750

This eBay seller managed to snag close to 5K on an item that was used, but still in good condition!

Sold Price: $1,000

The seller of this VHS tape can now afford a magic carpet ride or two.

Sold Price: $4,275

Did this eBay seller make a deal with Ursula to get such a good price? There are quite a few copies of “The Little Mermaid” that were sold on eBay around this price point.

Sold Price: $3,500

This copy of “Mulan” was never even opened. We wonder if the deal for $2.00 off Kodak film at Costco is still valid.

BRB – we’ve got to go call our mom and see if she has our copy of “The Little Mermaid” still.



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