The Holiday Gifts Apartment Therapy Staffers REALLY Want For Christmas

This time of year at Apartment Therapy, we spend a lot of time thinking about what makes great gifts for other people. (See: all our fantastic gift guides.) But we are only human, and all this shopping around makes it hard not to add some stuff to our own lists as well.

From trendy toothbrushes that make adulting fun, to a serious investment-worthy set of sheets and a statement-making terrarium, here are what’s at the top of our lists this year.

“I saw these stemless mugs in the Copenhagen airport this summer and still wish I would have brought a few home in my carryon. They’d be great for a morning caffeine fix (I love the idea of fully wrapping my hands around the mug for warmth all winter long), or even a mini planter or individual desserts. In case anyone buying me a gift is reading, I think four different colors would make a just-right “mismatched” set.” –Laura Schocker, Editor-in-Chief

“My friends and family have shamed my sad non-electric toothbrush for long enough. This year I’m stepping up my tooth game with the chicest, trendiest electric option around. An added bonus is that my dentist’s pride will long outlast the holiday season–a gift that keeps on giving!” –Emma Glubiak, Audience Development Associate

(Image credit: The White Company)

“While I’m all for the leggings-and-a-t-shirt combo when bingeing on Netflix or skipping plans and hibernating, I wouldn’t say no to completing my lounging outfit with these glamorous slippers (and I’m a sucker for a pom-pom!). Plus, if you have any unexpected guests, at least you’ll look somewhat presentable.” –Sarah Yang, Managing Editor

(Image credit: Amazon | Apartment Therapy)

“This mug was at the top of my list, but I actually got to try it and review it–and, spoiler, its made my life 10% better.” –Liz Steelman, Real Estate Editor

InstaShiatsu Foot Massager, $199 on Amazon

I watched the video of Oprah using this foot massager from her Favorite Things list, and I’m convinced that my life will be 1000% better with this under my desk.” –Tara Bellucci, News & Culture Editor

(Image credit: Brooklinen)

“I perhaps have the least exciting taste in bedding ever. (All white everything!) But I get really excited about my sheets from Brooklinen–which I am sadly going to have to leave behind after I upgrade to a queen-sized bed in 2019. That’s why all I really want for Christmas is something I already have: my favorite sheets, but sized to fit my new, larger bed.” –Marshall Bright, Senior Commerce Editor

I always have at least seven coffee table books in my cart at any given time, so many of the un-bought titles make it on to my wish list at the end of the year. This is the one I truly, truly hope somebody gifts me with this year. It has everything! Cats. Plants. A teal-blue cover that will go perfectly with my living room. It’s a need.” –Taryn Williford, Lifestyle Editor

“I just recently moved to NYC to start my job at Apartment Therapy, so my Christmas wish list is mostly stuff for my apartment–but new apartment basics don’t have to be boring, like this terrarium from West Elm.” –Austa Clausen, Instagram Manager

“I’ve been buying records for years… but I left my record player at home when I moved out. And then my brother stole it, so I don’t have anything to actually play them on at the moment. This will be a good excuse to finally get my records played–and look good while doing it.” –Aaron Nachman, Senior Manager, Ad Operations

“I’ve been a sound tech for years on the side, and it’s made me a bit of a sound snob. I have an older pair of Bose headphones, but I’m ready to upgrade (and up my game) and go wireless. While the price is steep, the litany of features in this version (the ANC is amazing, the app, Alexa voice control), in addition to it’s featherweight comfort, has me sold.” –Nina Raja, Senior Producer

“It’s a splurge (which is why I’m asking for it as a gift) but worth it, especially during the winter when I’m always washing my hands to stay germ-free” –Alyse Weber, Account Executive

“I’m looking forward to using this for all my short getaways, and the included pocket for things like wet swimsuits is already making me ready for summer.” –Karis Danish, Studio Manager

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