People Thought “Friends” Was Leaving Netflix and Went Crazy On Twitter

Today was an emotional roller coaster, to say the least: Everyone thought “Friends” was going to be ousted from Netflix starting January 1, 2019. But now the country can rest easy, because the popular sitcom is going absolutely nowhere.

The rumored deadline was going to fall on the sitcom’s fourth anniversary of when it was first available on the streaming service, and fans expressed their outrage all over social media. There was even a #Justice4Friends petition created to hold Netflix accountable for their actions—as if the the Netflix gods didn’t already know that they did the “Friends” community wrong.

There was optimism circulating that the beloved show would end up on another platform. AT&T, the company that owns “Friends,” is launching a streaming service of its own, which helped raise hope for the “Friends” binge-watching future. And for those who are located internationally, Netflix UK & Ireland’s Twitter account confirmed earlier today that “Friends” was there to stay.

If today taught us one thing, it’s how loyal “Friends” watchers are in America. So in the spirit of vocalizing our love for the show (and the day that it has been), we rounded up our favorite Twitter moments that encompassed the strong feelings that circulated today.

Bye, Felicia 👋👋👋

At least one person was #winning today.

Taco Bell always makes everything better.

You, and me, and everyone else.

Well, things apparently can get worse 💔

Here ye, here ye!

Yay for 2019 not already being garbage!



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