This Hack Makes Laundry Days So Much Easier

Laundry is the most avoided chore in our home. We don’t have a good spot to keep dirty clothes, which leads to chasing down little piles on laundry day, then scrambling to find a place to put the clean batches as each load comes out. Some very organized people have figured this out though. With their DIY sorting systems, household worths of laundry are neatly sorted before, during, and after each cycle.

Vanessa’s laundry room is right off the kitchen, so it was important for her hamper system to have the same old-world style as the rest of her home. Oversized, vintage baskets can be easily moved over to the washer and dryer on her DIY rolling rack made from industrial pipes and wood.

As someone who routinely folds laundry on a tiny coffee table, I’m awestruck by Traci’s folding station. Her husband built a custom cubby cabinet with space for everyone in the family to have their own laundry basket spot and finished it off with a sturdy, butcher block countertop that has enough room to spread out all the folded piles. I could also see someone modifying an old dresser or sideboard for the same effect.

Kim and Scott’s hanging canvas hampers are easy to use and hardly take up any space. Now they can just sort as they drop off laundry and, when they feel like the hampers themselves need freshening up, they can toss those into the wash as well.

Laundry pedestals are great for lifting front loaders to a more convenient height. Katie cleverly made her DIY version pull double duty as a laundry hamper sorter.

Try a vertical sorting system like Kati if you have a little more floor space. All of her household’s laundry waits for their turn in one, neat place—already sorted. Check out her full laundry room makeover for even more organizational inspiration.

Katrina’s kids don’t have the space in their own rooms for hampers, so she has them bring down their laundry and sort as they go. Her stacked, see-through wire baskets makes it easy to keep track of when a load full and ready to be washed.



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