7 New Ways to Reuse Your Old Leather Belts

Here’s a friendly reminder to not throw out, or donate, your leather belts during your next closet purge. Leather is an amazingly versatile DIY material and one belt will give you plenty of usable length to repurpose. Anytime a DIY calls for a long strip or just a scrap of leather, an old belt is the perfect amount. Here are some of our favorite leather DIYs to get you started:

Is there any better combination than leather and wood? Brittni’s 10-minute wall organizers are stunningly modern and classic at the same time. Just use small strips of belt, nails, and a dowel to create beautiful storage anywhere in your home. (P.S. Make sure to visit her full post to see a knotted version for a slightly different look.)

Lucy always makes the best DIYs that are pretty and practical, and her blanket carrier is reason enough to pack up and picnic. And when the colder weather forces you indoors, you can use it again as a firewood holder.

Even the tiniest bit of leftover leather can be upcycled and put to good use. Stamp out your name for a fun luggage tag, like these from Sugar & Cloth, or use them as eco-friendly gift tags.

Growing up, our local library had a wall of laminated bookmarks that were designed by local kids and I would always run to grab the newest ones. Though I wish I knew what happened to my original collection, an elegant leather replacement feels like a solid step towards adulthood.

Here’s another wood and leather DIY: In this project from Idle Hands Awake, recycled belts become handles and make these wooden boxes a touch more functional, and a whole lot more stylish.

Belts make chic hanging organizers. Loop two around your magazine collection or loose papers for effortless storage.

Longtime yogis and New Year’s resolution-makers can both agree that having gear you actually want to use can help put you in the right mindset. Caitlin from The Merrythought made her mat carrier with several scrap straps, but you could also use intact leather belts like Kelsey to take advantage of the buckles.

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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