15 Gifts to Buy Your “Sort-of” Significant Other for the Holidays — 2018 Gift Guides

The only thing worse than being in a romantic gray area with someone is deciding what—if anything—to gift them for the holidays. This requires finding a gift that has just the right amount of sentiment without looking too obvious.

So to help make your holiday shopping go a little more smoothly, we rounded up some of the best gifts to give someone you’re seeing, at any stage in the relationship. From a first-date crush to commitment-ville, here are 15 things to buy your sort-of significant other for the holidays.

When You’ve Only Been on One Date

Your first date was one for the books, so a tongue-in-cheek (and super cheap) holiday gift is best the way to go.

A cute way to express yourself (for about three bucks).

It doesn’t get any more noncommittal than this.

Say it all with just one emoji.

When You’ve Been Dating for About Two Weeks

You’ve gone on just enough dates to merit a holiday present, but it’s still way too soon to overspend—or overthink your gift.

A sugary sweet serving of sass for under $8.

(Image credit: Shutterstock/FYE)

An old-school way to say “I like you” (without actually saying it.)

A clever way to let someone know you’re ready to spice things up.

When You’ve Been Seeing Each Other for a Month

So far, so good—so don’t mess things up by getting an inconsiderate gift or worse, an overly serious one.

Something nice you can both wake up to.

Too soon to make a joke about how much you like someone? Not at the one month mark!

The quickest way to anyone’s heart is with pizza-inspired socks.

When You’re in a “Situationship”

You’re not exclusive, but you’re certainly not just friends, it’s, well, complicated. Here’s how to let them know you care without overspending.

A sentimental set for two that speaks volumes.

Send a subliminal nightcap (or just a night in).

A practical (but cheeky) way to show that special someone you care.

When You’re About to be Exclusive

Things are getting serious, so you should opt for a present that’s both thoughtful and future-oriented.

A thoughtful way to let your partner know you’re ready to grow together.

Plan future dates with your bae, while having a lot of fun.

An oversized hoodie you’ll definitely want to borrow (or just leave at your place).

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