The 10 Best New Organizing Hacks We Learned in 2018

This year we discovered that it’s quite possible to make something out of nothing. This knowledge comes with a lot of power: It’s helped us be less wasteful, plus keep our homes spotless. Here are some of the best—and most useful—organizing hacks we learned.

Silicone Cupcake Liners keep small items corralled

If your junk drawer is a disaster (whose isn’t?!), cupcake liners make a decent home for paper clips, thumbtacks, coins, and other small items. Read more about how it works, plus learn more creative ways to repurpose cupcake liners: 11 Surprising Ways to Stay Clean and Organized with Silicone Cupcake Liners.

A sponge holder creates a home for condiment packets and other small perishables

Stick a sponge holder or two onto the inner wall of your refrigerator for a convenient place to stash small packets of ketchup, soy sauce, and other condiments. Read more about how it works, plus find out where else you can use this item: This $4 Organizing Secret Works in Every Room of the House.

Shower curtain rings maximize closet space

Keeping your closet clean? The struggle is real. Find out how to keep your accessories organized with shower curtain rings: A Clever Way to Organize Your Closet with $1 Shower Curtain Rings.

IKEA’s bag dispenser keeps wrapping paper tidy

If a dozen rolls fly out at your every time you open your closet, you need this small plastic dispenser. Read more about how it works, plus discover other ways this organizer can help you: 4 Ways to Hack Our Favorite $3 IKEA Organizing Staple.

An egg cup keeps your beauty blender clean

That compact egg dish serves up more than breakfast—it’s got some serious storage power. Read more about how it works, plus find out what else this item can keep contained: Why You Should Keep an Egg Cup on Your Bathroom Counter.

A wine rack keeps holds free weights

Your wine rack sure does pull a lot of weight. Learn how this trick works, plus find out how to keep the rest of your equipment corralled: 3 Brilliant Organizing Hacks for Working Out in Your Small Space.

A hanging closet organizer keeps your cleaning supplies in place

That dark nook under the sink doesn’t cut it, but the closet organizer you relied on in college sure does. Read more about how it works, plus get other clever new uses for a hanging organizer: 7 Smart Ways You Can Repurpose a Hanging Closet Organizer to Tidy Any Mess.

An outlet shelf keeps your bathroom tidier

Short on counter space? Store everything from face wash to small electronics above your bathroom counter with this trick. Find out how: The $15 Solution for Your Tangled Bathroom Counter Clutter.

A plastic shower cap keeps dirty shoes from touching clean clothes enroute

The humble hotel shower cap does way more than keep your hair dry—it keeps your duds germ-free while traveling. Read more about how it works, plus get other genius uses for a shower cap: Why You Should Always Steal the Shower Cap From the Hotel.

K-Cups can be repurposed to keep craft supplies in order

Those single-serve coffee cups are super wasteful—unless you know how to make good use of them. Read more about how this trick works, plus learn more creative ways to repurpose K-Cups: 7 Creative Ways to Decorate and Stay Organized with Used K-Cups.

Whip Those Messy Drawers into Shape



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