5 Actually Fun Resolutions You Can Make with the Help of Urban Outfitters’ Winter Clearance Sale

Not all resolutions have to feel like chores. In fact, we have some suggestions for a few ones that could make your life better and have more fun on the way—with some help from Urban Outfitters’ winter clearance sale. Yes, you don’t technically need a peg board to get more organized, but think about how much fun you’ll have doing it. Not convinced? Here are five on-sale buys we love that can inspire your 2019.

See all of Urban Outfitters’ winter clearance.

The Resolution: Host More
The Buy: Fun, Matching Flatware

As a reminder that dinner parties don’t have to be staid or formal affairs, why not get a set of silverware to replace the mismatched pairs you’ve been dragging from place to place? This full set that doesn’t take itself too seriously—they go equally well with Chinese takeout and a home-cooked meal. Also on sale: a set of not-boring paper plates.

The Resolution: Grow Things
The Buy: A Home for Your New Plant Baby

First, you can start by following our own plant-centric Instagram account, I Plant Even, for endless inspo in 2019. And if you want to start with a plant that’s very hard to kill, a snake plant (pictured in the footed planter above) is a go-to. Get more ideas for a starter plant family.

The Resolution: Read More
The Buy: A Reading-Nook Worthy Lamp

Stack up the books you’re most excited about reading in 2019 and find a spot where you’ll want to read them—your bed, a corner of your living room, wherever—and spruce it up with this gorgeous leaf lamp. Lamps, instead of overhead light, are much more relaxing, and perfect to switch on when you’re curling up with a book.

The Resolution: Be More Organized
The Buy: Something That Will Keep You Squared Away

There are products that will keep you organized that are best hidden away, and ones that are designed to be seen. Your pile of postcards from friends, to-do lists, pens, or whatever else might be languishing in drawers or counters, can find a spot here.

The Resolution: Pick A Mantra
The Buy: An Instagram-Friendly Reminder

This one is pretty easy: Whatever your intention for 2019, write it out in this LED light box. Or set new intentions as the year goes on and change them as need be.

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