10 of the Funniest Tweets About ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ That Will Spark Joy In Your Life

It might be less than a week into the New Year, but if you haven’t watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” yet, you’re already behind. The show is the latest Netflix obsession because it is so pure and useful. Marie herself is so inspiring because she wants those following her KonMari Method to choose joy in order to declutter their life.

“Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” dropped on New Year’s Day – the perfect time to declutter your life. The typical New Year’s resolution list does tend to include “cleaning” or “organizing.” But with this show, it doesn’t feel like a chore to tackle problem spots in your home. You actually want to sort through things and figure out why you’ve been holding onto them for so long.

In the days since the show first premiered, people have jumped onto Twitter to express their deep love of the show. These Twitter users had some of the funniest reactions to the newest Netflix program.

1. This Alternative Show Title

Because sometimes clutter *does* actually make us feel better! Or safe, at least.

2. This Drake x Netflix crossover

Will we ever get tired of this Drake meme? Probably not.

3. This Person Who Is Applying the Method To All Aspects of Their Life

Declutter *every* aspect of your life if you can do it!

4. “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” > “Bird Box”

This Twitter user knows the real Netflix program we should be obsessed with right now.

5. This Twitter User Had a Serious Question Though

Did she find them at Home Goods? Asking for a friend.

6. This Is What Everyone Thinks Marie’s Home Looks Like

I mean… but it does look pretty decluttered!

7. This Person, Who Is Really All of Us

We’re all sitting here bingeing this show, yet our poor closets remain neglected.

8. This Person Who Refuses to Throw Books Out

We don’t care if we have 100 books we don’t read anymore, we’re not giving them away.

9. This Polite, Yet High Level of Shade

She’s not wrong!

10. And This Person Who Remembers the Original “Tidying Up”

Our moms would be so proud.

Which of these Twitter reactions best represents how you felt after bingeing “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo“?

// http://bit.ly/2BeEmmf


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