It’s Capricorn Season: Your January 2019 Home Horoscope

Roll out your plushest carpet and up your thread count, astral voyagers. January’s starlit floor plan is laboriously luxe and self-sufficiently sumptuous, as Capricorn energy fills the skies. The zodiac’s cosmic queen rules over her domain with ease, grace, and grit, deciding exactly which mountains to climb and tapping the resources to keep the throne for the long haul.

Like a fine wine grape, this energy asks us to work it for what’s truly worth it, and to match our inherent inner value to the quality of our lair. Combined with powerhouse Mars rolling into hot-blooded Aries, and Uranus also stationing direct in the sign of the fresh and ready ram, the inaugural calendar month of 2019 invites us to mix our mojo with maturity, and to trust into the slow unfolding of tree rings and glaciers, content to pace ourselves without breaking a sweat.

It’s a month to embrace “good bones” in all senses of the phrase, checking in with the structures you’ve created and assessing their alignment with the world you want and deserve to inhabit. If you left the planet today, what emotional and architectural legacy would you leave in your wake? Strip it down and build it back up like a second spatial skin, astral voyagers. You deserve satin, silk, and steel to fit your very soul.

In the Stars: Happy birthday month, Cappy! With the turn of the clock and the wheel of the year, you may find yourself reckoning with big questions. While these are vital inquiries, can you take this month to balance them with a sense of invigorated freshness? Aries planets are urging you to take all of your hard-earned knowledge and know-how, and let this bolster you in making some epic leaps. Treat your life like a springboard right now, and balance gravity with the sweet sensation of flight.

In Your Space: Make your entire space feel brand new, injecting design upgrades and dazzling makeovers that make you feel like you’ve entered it for the very first time. You may want to completely swap out room functions. Or overhaul a total color scheme. Imagine that you’re a real estate agent showing your lair for the first time, and connect to its assets and imagine the possibilities. Wipe the slate and the windows clean, Cappy, as you remind yourself that you’re truly ready for anything without needing to over prepare.

In the Stars: You have a complex relationship with Capricorn energy, Aquarius, as you once were co-ruled by the same sign of Saturn. This month wants you to look closely at the concept of constraint in your life, and to explore how perceived limitations might be gateways to liberation. Treat your entire existence like a haiku poem, allowing the edges and the rules to release even greater creative capacity. You don’t have to rail against the systems right now, Aquarius. Work with and alongside the contours of this world, reminding yourself that no one and nothing is forcing you to do so.

In Your Space: Start by working with the edges and bones of your space, noticing where you can venerate and honor the actual structure of your home. Play up the angles of the ceiling. Hang artwork at critical junctures and doorways. And notice where you want to rebel against what is, tempering any urges to completely tear out the cabinetry with a willingness to drop in and listen to what your space is actually telling you. Follow the floorboards, and embrace the finite.

In the Stars: Capricorn season is here to remind you that you have a body, sweet ethereal Pisces. You’re in a perpetual dance with the concept of boundaries, and this month wants you to find some joyous juice in the act of drawing the line. You can start with your gut instincts, acting on these instincts to create a container for yourself that feels both safe and spiritually connected. You don’t have to shut out the world to do this, Pisces. You’re just being invited to craft a sounder vessel to travel through it.

In Your Space: Start by noticing where trails of items or unclear uses for spaces and objects are actually leaving you feeling a bit confused and depleted. Play with creating clear boundaries for particular activities in designated rooms, knowing that you can do so without getting overly regimented. Maybe there’s a space that’s only about pleasure. Or one where you never play music, delighting in stillness. Let your lair be composed of micro-environments, and remind yourself that you have the right to call the shots about what happens within.

In the Stars: 2018 brought some profound lessons in slowing your roll, dear Aries, and as Mars enters your sign, the start of 2019 is your graduation from mojo school. No scrambling. Nothing anxious or sweaty. Take the opportunity to embrace Capricorn pacing, which is a fellow cardinal sign, but which sees the long haul rather than the short track. You’re a NASCAR driver this month, Aries. And you’ve got miles to go. So sit back, settle in, and enjoy every lap of the luxurious ride.

In Your Space: Your key design concept this month is legacy, Aries. Let each part of your lair feel epic and stalwart, fashioning your space after a “Game of Thrones”-style castle. Let things be heavy and find the hedonism in this gravitas. Don’t be afraid of iron and metal and velvet curtains. Commit to statement pieces that root into the ground and keep you stuck to this precious earth with a sense of steadiness. And make sure your dining room has a chair that’s just for you.

In the Stars: 2018 found you gearing up for Uranus’ ride through your sign, exploring your relationship to change and exfoliating old conditioning. This first month of the new year wants you to aerate and circulate, colliding with the concept of “freedom” in all its guises. With your ruler, Venus, shifting into the wide open plains of Sagittarius, it’s a month to throw back your hair and roll the windows down, trusting that you don’t have to choose freedom versus safety, Taurus. You can truly have both.

In Your Space: Play with this relationship between freedom and closeness by creating “empty” spaces in your lair. Maybe it’s a cleared corner of the room or blank wall, lit only by a lamp or held by a small plant. Explore the feeling of this spaciousness, and notice where you might have the urge to fill up not out of true design desire, but simply out of habit. Celebrate throughways and passages between rooms, and let the transition between spaces feel seamless. Flow is your keyword this month. Let yourself feel like a bird in your home, free to fly the open spatial skies.

In the Stars: You’re not always the comfiest cosmic traveler during Capricorn season, as this sign’s energy sometimes feels like it signals the end of the party and the sober light of day. But this time around, you’re invited to let a sense of maturity feel like majesty, as you practice making moves that are magically epic and reminding yourself of your regal right to be here. What can you have dominion over right now? Where would you like greater control? Claim it, Gemini, and let the red carpet rise to meet you.

In Your Space: Take cues from old school leather-bound libraries, and sophisticated, “classic” styles. Who were your inspirations in childhood for what adulthood meant? How did you picture your pad looking when you were only a youth? What does design “arrival” mean to you? It’s a month for binging on old movies for inspiration, and for revisiting your own aesthetic lineage. Incorporate pieces from the past to plump up your trust in your own spatial authority.

In the Stars: Capricorn energy is your partner in crime, Cancer. Your “opposite” sign that balances and equilibrates your famously touchy feely flow. This month, don’t fear these structural enhancements. January wants you to investigate how you wield your power and just who is calling the shots in your life. Notice any impulses to farm out your force to others, and smoke out stories about victimhood, swapping woeful tales for battle cries. Embracing a little healthy friction will remind you that you have every right to decide your own fate.

In Your Space: Call the shots in your space with an overhaul of any pieces or styles you’ve inherited that aren’t truly you. Whether they were gifted to you, or came through your family, it’s time to let them go. And to release any guilt associated with not hanging on to this inheritance. Strip things down, Cancer. Gut renovate. Start with the floor coverings and build your way up to the skylights. It’s a month for exhuming and excavating to make sure you’re starting with solid ground that’s self-chosen.

In the Stars: You’re the zodiac’s most gorgeous believer in the power of “now,” perpetually poised to embrace the moment and juice it for all its worth. While January doesn’t want you to lose this precious presence, you’re also asked to expand your capacity to envision the future and to let the now lead to some careful crafting of your yellow brick road, stone by stone. What are you really here to do, Leo? And where might you be siphoning off energy that’s sucking you dry rather than contributing to this vital mission? Don’t waste a single drop of your waters of life, Glitter Kitten.

In Your Space: It’s a month for raising the spatial stakes, and for zooming in on what you want more, more, more of, Leo. Start by channeling sumptuous growth by inviting plants and flowers into every corner of your space. If you have sun-drenched possibilities, choose succulents and cacti to summon the trust in your own fortitude and directed sense of expansion. Don’t be afraid to saturate and concentrate, creating groupings of similar objects, or rooms and corners of singular colors. Hone your spatial focus and let the rest follow.

In the Stars: Capricorn season energy invites you to shift your gaze from the spoonful of sugar to the sugar loaf, Virgo, as you practice thinking, moving, and living bigger. Where has your gaze into the myriad details kept you from unfolding on a more epic scale? Harness this month’s energy to start crafting your takeover plan, and for ceasing to scramble on the ground for any crumbs. You deserve a full meal and then some, sweet one. Make sure that whatever you’re engaged with is filling you from the ground up.

In Your Space: Let this sense of fullness inject your space, and allow amplitude to be your guiding light. Start by clearing out any sense of hoarding smallness. Open drawers and closets wide and purge any bits and bobs that feel like they’re being held onto out of a sense of lack rather than luxury. Upgrade objects and furniture pieces to higher quality levels, letting this investment remind you of the panned out picture. Clear your sight lines for a five-star space.

In the Stars: This month’s cosmic megamix wants to remind you of the power and pleasure in some sweet solitude, Libra, as fellow cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn urge you to stand out and stand alone. While this isn’t always your default setting, this sense of separateness is here to remind you of your own potency, lovability, and capacity to champion your own cause. Embrace a little exile, Libra, and let it feel like a luxurious getaway that re-acquaints you with your own essence.

In Your Space: Your guiding design concept this month is staycation, and you’re invited to trick out your space in any way that supports this sense of checking in to your own private getaway. Envision your lair has a high-end hotel. Leave little treats for yourself on the pillow. Place a “Do not disturb” sign on your front door. Let yourself be a guest in your own home, complete with fully stocked soaps and fresh towels. You deserve to come home to the fullest sense of care, Libra.

In the Stars: 2018 found you moving into a mastery with tenderness, Scorpio; soothing the hard edges and reminding yourself that it’s more than okay to feel damn good. And while this month certainly doesn’t want you to feel “bad” in any sense of that word, it is a time to rediscover some of your contours, and to celebrate sinking your teeth into the gritty glory of hard candy. Leap into the mix, Scorpio. Let the fur fly. Embrace the rough and tumble, and let it tumble you smooth and clean. When you consciously claim your carnal urges, the line between the hardcore and the softcore simply dissolves.

In Your Space: It’s a month for flexing your spatial strength muscles, and you can start by purging any pieces that are crumbling or in need of repair. Start with the floorboards, and make sure that they are fully supporting you. Re-tile chipped places. Replace faulty knobs and handles. Let your lair feel like a living, breathing expression of your fullest fortitude, adding animal prints, gold accents, and furniture and fabrics that are built to last.

In the Stars: After your passionate deep dives last month, January dawns cool and cultivated, as you let yourself embrace body knowledge and slower speeds. You’re a fire sign who sometimes loses track of where you physically are in space, already racing off towards the next horizon as if lit from within. Take January to come home to yourself, Wild Pony. What does your stable feel like? How can you create a solid base for your wanderings? Let yourself be supported and held by the very earth your hooves travel.

In Your Space: Restoration and renewal are your guiding lights, Sag, and you can take design cues from old barns, rustic farmhouses, and sanctuaries of all stripes. Treat your space like a vitamin or a delicious plateful of seasonal vegetables, making sure that every color and fabric and texture is truly feeding and fortifying your very spirit. Think intricate brocade patterns, and velvet-lined jewelry boxes. Eat your spatial Wheaties, Sag, and let everything you gaze upon feel good in your bones.



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