This $5 Target Buy Will Be Your Home’s New Best Friend

Keeping lots of small stuff organized is never easy. Luckily, we found a clever buy that can help you corral all sorts of tiny knick-knacks around your home—and that should only set you back a couple of bucks.

Believe it or not, plastic pill organizers, like this push-button style from Target, are actually pretty great for sorting and stashing an assortment of small items. Here are five clever ways to use them to upgrade your storage situation.

1. Organize Your Jewelry

Forever looking for a safe place to store your small studs, earring backs, and dainty rings? Pill organizers are the perfect size for stashing—and keeping track of—tiny pieces of jewelry. Now you’ll never waste another minute searching for another earring back again.

2. Travel With Jewelry, Too

Searching for a secure way to travel with all your jewelry intact? Pill organizers are awesome for sorting and storing your bits and baubles on the fly—and won’t take up too much space in your carry-on.

3. Storing Office Knickknacks

With all the knickknacks you need at your workstation, keeping your desk tidy can be tough. Thankfully, plastic pill organizers can corral everything from loose staples to thumbtacks to rubber bands, all in one compact space. Stick one in your drawer to help keep it organized or place it upright in your pencil holder for easy access.

4. Keep Your Toolbox Tidy

Always find yourself searching through your toolbox for a tiny washer or screw? Pill organizers are great for separating nails, bolts, fasteners and other small pieces of hardware that are easy to lose track of inside a cluttered toolbox or junk drawer.

5. Organize Kitchen Tools

Turns out all you need to keep some of your small kitchen utensils organized in a drawer is a good old fashioned pill organizer. Items such as icing tips and similarly sized cake decorating tools fit nicely inside of them—plus you can sort them by size and style with a pill organizer, too.

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