This Dog Mom Taught Her Pup Harry Potter Spells & It’s So Adorable

While cats are more often associated with magic, that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your old dog some new tricks. One woman, in fact, has replaced all the standard Muggle commands with spells from Harry Potter.

Anna Brisbin, owner of an adorable mini Dachshund named Remus, made headlines this week after tweeting a now viral video of the pair having some interesting dialogue.

While most are training their four-legged fur babies to follow simple commands like sit and stay, Anna chose a different route. She and Remus put a unique spin on the typical Mom and Pup training phrases, opting for Harry Potter spells instead. “Oh, you trained your dog in German?” Brisbin Tweeted. “Coolcoolcool I trained my dog in Harry Potter spells.”

Remus flawlessly executes spells like Lumos (turning on a tap light), Expelliarmus (dropping a wand), and possibly the most adorable Avada Kedavra (playing dead) you’ll ever see. Twitter erupted with laughter as Harry Potter fans from all over the world celebrated Brisbin and Remus for their fun spin on the series that captivated so many. The video, now at over 4 million views, has been met with hilarious feedback, and even has other Harry Potter obsessed pups lining up to meet Remus.



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