Disney’s Newest Pair of Minnie Ears Look Good Enough to Eat

Over the last few years, Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears have become one of the biggest Disney parks trends. You simply cannot travel to Disneyland or Disney World without a pair of ears. Or, if you do travel without a pair, your first stop in the park will be to purchase your own Mickey or Minnie ears.

If you’re an avid Disney parks fan, you know that there seems to be a new pair of Disney ears every month that are highly coveted. We all lived through the rose gold ears craze, the millennial pink phase, the iridescent craze, and more. Right now, it seems like “potion purple” sequins are really *in* at Disney parks. But there is an even newer ear craze – the Minnie Mouse donut ears.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the rotating ear headbands, Minnie Mouse ears are sold at all of the Disney parks for visitors to wear during their trip. The parks sell a classic set of Minnie Mouse ears that feature Minnie’s regular mouse ears and her big red and white polka dot bow. But those are far from the only ears they sell. The ears range from different sequin colors, plush styles, and more.

Disneyland visitors in Anaheim, California spotted a pair of Minnie ears that have two pink frosted donuts instead of ears with a glittery blue bow. These ears seem to already be flying off the shelves, with good reason of course, who doesn’t love donuts?

Minnie Mouse Donut Ears, $27.99

Disneyland visitors took to Instagram to share snaps of the new ears right after they were bought. According to Instagram user, @jollypoppins7, the ears are $27.99 before tax at the Emporium on Main Street in Disneyland.

These ears aren’t the only foray into food-related merchandise that Disney has done. You can also purchase a donut crossbody purse which is part of the collection between Disney and popular designer Danielle Nicole. Along with that donut purse, there is also a pizza purse that has slices of pepperoni that are shaped like Mickey Mouse.

If you’re not going to visit a Disney park any time soon, you still can purchase a set of ears from ShopDisney. Or, you can always scroll through Etsy and Instagram to find custom ears based on your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Custom “Toy Story” inspired ears are all the rage right now since Toy Story Land opened in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

// http://bit.ly/2BeEmmf


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