Before and After: A Pretty IKEA PAX Hack Elevates This Entire Bedroom

Thanks to a blush of color and a clever installation job, the ubiquitous blank-slate PAX wardrobe from IKEA gets a major upgrade in a graphic designer’s Copenhagen apartment.

Four IKEA PAX wardrobes are now painted the same pink as the surrounding walls, giving them the appearance of a built-in closet. Michella Laura has turned pink into a sophisticated neutral that sets off the white bedding and trim to great effect and allows the stunning white-and-blue vintage Murano light to pop. (For anyone who has fallen in love with the Murano, it is available on HoneyMoon, Michella Laura’s website, price on request.) The hue also works quite well with the warm tones of the wicker basket and wooden floor.

It is impressive how not-overwhelming this many nearly eight-foot cabinets in a row feel. Thanks to their totally smooth facades, the PAX wardrobes appear to be part of the wall, and don’t feel too looming. They have been installed beautifully, with the white trim finishing off the bottom and that slender strip of wall at the top. They obviously take up quite a bit of floor space, but provide far more storage than free-standing dressers or armoires could without the crowded feeling that several dressers would create.

Thank you, Michella Laura!



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