This LEGO Wall Installation Is a Childhood Dream Come True

There’s wall art, and then there’s this mind-bogglingly intricate wall-embedded LEGO installation by Miami-based artist Dante Dentoni, whose work was recently shown off by client and EDM producer/songwriter Zedd.

“In love with this new art installation at my house by Dante Dentoni!!!!” Zedd wrote on Twitter. “He replaced a part of my wall with LEGOs and built in a bunch of little hidden rooms, including @OmniaLasVegas, an @PlayOverwatch room (Hanamura pt. 2), an alien abduction world and much more.”

Part of what makes Dentoni’s artistic creation so incredibly impressive is the level of detail. The LEGOs are installed in the drywall and arranged in patterns that make them appear like exposed brick. Tiny, strategically-placed doors open to reveal various rooms. Zedd’s installation features miniature LEGO replicas of rooms from the OMNI Las Vegas and the video game Overwatch.

According to his website, Dentoni uses his carpentry skills to sculpt the walls and allows each individual site to inspire the actual LEGO customization, which the artist describes as “harmonic interconnectivity between physical and emotional environments.” Prior to giving Zedd’s walls the one-of-a-kind LEGO treatment, Dentoni installed one of his signature designs in the home of a Miami club owner.

Needless to say, it was customized to suit the client’s taste, complete with miniature LEGO dancers and a LEGO’d album cover. The entire project required two months of planning prior to the week-long installation process. Dentoni also placed a LEGO installation in the walls, foyer, and ceiling of a YouTuber’s home.

While Dentoni also works with toys, puzzle pieces, and paper, his LEGO artwork is in a league of its own. The brightly colored blocky sculptures have been displayed in museums and galleries around the world and fetch anywhere from $12,000 to $16,000 online, the Daily Mail reports.



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