Before and After: Who Knew a $75 Craigslist Find Could Look This Good?

This tall, vintage, secondhand dresser needed a little wood filler and a lot of love, so its new owner gave it all that and a gorgeous coat of paint that totally transformed its look.

The new owner of this dresser, who bought it on Craigslist for $75, described it as “a glossy cherry wood… ick!” It did, however, have nice lines, antique charm, and plenty of refined details without too much old-fashioned folderol.

This process shot shows the sanded and wood-filled dresser about to be painted. Keep this paint color (the one on the left) in mind when the final product is revealed…

After “two weeks rehabbing, sanding, then painting a matte foresty-olivey green,” the dresser is now gorgeously dark and dramatic. It stands out wonderfully from the white walls and bedding, and it splendidly sets off all the colorful, pastel jewelry jumbled on top. Sady Evyn Reish of Lovely Splendid Happy, who is responsible for this lovely makeover, mentioned that the paint color always looks different depending on the light.

This sort of deep, near-black green almost always looks delicious and sophisticated, and it’s shocking it hasn’t been declared a color of the year. It pairs wonderfully with all metals, looks amazing with ultra-dark plants, pops beautifully with pastels, and brings some color to a nearly monochromatic room. This hue is a fabulous neutral that suits minimalist decor, floral vintage sweetness, a high-glamour boudoir, a lush lounge, and a formal highboy dresser like this one. The dark tone minimizes this dresser’s many facets, making it look so much more sleek, simple, and modern.

This particular version of deep, dark green is Andiron by Sherwin-Williams, should anyone want to make this look their own.

Thank you Sady Evyn Reish of Lovely Splendid Happy!



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