HGTV Announced A New Show About Redecorating After A Breakup

Sometimes, you’re lucky to learn that your relationship is incompatible early on and can detach your ex from the space you shared. However, many times there are years of memories created within those four walls, filled with design and decor decisions that represented you as a couple. Well, f*ck that. And that’s where HGTV’s new show “Unspouse My House” comes in.

HGTV just announced that they will be welcoming the new renovation series as of late 2019. Hosted by designer and self-proclaimed breakup artist (yes, that’s a thing) Orlando Soria, the show aims to help singles get over their exes through giving homes the physical refresh it needs.

And guess what? You could be part of it all. This Wednesday, Soria posted on Instagram Stories that they are currently looking for participants to be featured on the show and, most importantly, get the home makeover of their dreams. “You have to come and meet me with my mustache and be on my show,” Soria said. “You can get an amazing home makeover and potentially a best friend. The end.”

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YOU GUYS I LITERALLY JUST ARRIVED BACK FROM EUROPE TO THE WILDEST NEWS IN HISTORY. I HAVE MY OWN TV SHOW!!! (I’ve actually known this for three months and the secret has been eating me from within because I am zero percent capable of keeping things to myself). As many of you know, I’d been developing a TV show much of 2017-2018, working with @jenrettig11 and @51minds to come up with a solid, fresh design series filled with humor, heart, and houses. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE @hgtv’s “UNSPOUSE MY HOUSE” (the brilliant name was the brainchild of our HGTV Executive Producer @lorenruch), a half-hour design series in which I help a recently single homeowner renovate their house and MOVE ON FROM THEIR STUPID BORING OLD RELATIONSHIP. It’s kind of like my Instagram come to life and turned into an extremely exciting show filled with relationship drama, eye popping home makeovers, and renovation freak outs. AND IT’S HOSTED BY ME ACTING LIKE A COMPLETE PSYCHOPATH. If you’ve been following along, you know this is a super personal project for me based on my own painful breakups. I’ve had a rough few years, and was seeking a way to make my experience into something that would help people feel less alone. That’s what this show is. It’s all about building people up and helping them heal. Whilst laughing a lot and reminding them how fun life can be. This is a genuine, real show that comes from a very genuine, real place and that’s why it works so well. I’M 100% CERTAIN YOU WILL LOVE IT. PS: If you know any recent singles who live in Southern California and might want to do some post-breakup renovation, email OK BYE. #unspousemyhouse #hgtv #showlando

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As the show implies, the contestant must have recently gone through a breakup as well as live in the Southern California area. All you need to do is fill out a general application that includes details on your current situation and your renovation budget. (If you’re actually interested, check out application details here!)

If you’d rather just sit back and watch the breakup transformations unfold, you’ll just have to wait a little while longer. Maybe by then you’ll have a reason to apply for the next season! (But we would never wish that on you.)



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