Before and After: This Tiny Bathroom Looks Brand New After Only $1,000

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the world’s tiniest bathroom, but it’s close. When Lara of The Unprofessional set out to renovate her tiny attic bathroom, her issues with the space weren’t just cosmetic. Thanks to its small size, the bathroom had lots of unusual quirks: the vanity door wouldn’t open all the way, the bathroom door swung out and blocked the hallway, and the toilet was so close to the door that doing your business was a bit uncomfortable. Time for a few creative solutions.

The biggest change (and the one with the biggest impact on the bathroom) was this: Lara replaced the old, traditional swinging door with a sliding barn door, which looks great and doesn’t block the hallway when it opens. Because the sliding door is mounted on the hallway side of the wall, it makes for a few extra inches of knee room when you’re sitting on the toilet—which makes for a much more comfortable experience.

Lara removed the old vanity and replaced it with a wall-mounted sink, which makes this little room seem much more spacious—and there’s no more worrying about having enough space to open the door.

To make up for some of the lost storage space, she added a recessed medicine cabinet above the sink, a set of shelves to the right of the sink, and a long shelf that runs over the toilet. Lara tiled behind the sink using square white tile with a dark grout, which gives the new bathroom a more classic feel.

Even the shower got an overhaul. Instead of replacing the tile in the shower, Lara refinished the shower floor with tub and tile refinisher, an economical choice (although she admits it was a lot work).

The shower floor looks a lot cleaner now, and the “new” white doesn’t compete with the upper wall tiles as much as the older tiles did.

A new coat of grey-green paint completed the room’s transformation. It’s like a whole new space, for less than $1,000 (well, and three weekends’ worth of hard work).

To read more about the project, see more photos, find resources, and see a video of this little bathroom’s transformation, check out the project page at The Unprofessional.

Thank you, Lara!



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