Before and After: This Bathroom Redo Is the Stuff Bathtub Dreams Are Made Of

This bathroom was quite cool, but had a lot going on: dark marble, metal scrollwork, a sculpted sink bowl, a divider wall, and lots of tile. Now it’s lighter, brighter, more serene, and far more spa-like.

Christina and Robert of New Darlings@newdarlings on Instagram—have created such a fresh new look. Removing the partial wall truly opened up the space, letting the light flow through beautifully. The new bathroom is mostly white, with the gorgeous marble adding depth and texture and the brass accents contributing color.

This was a lovely bathing area, with cool tile, and classic palette, and a huge and glorious window, but the photo doesn’t reveal the whole truth. New Darling shares that, prior to this renovation, the bathroom was “full of messy tile and grout work,” which would certainly detract from the view.

Replacing the grid of tiles with subtle sheets of marble increases the tranquility of the space—the high-contrast black and white geometry has been replaced with a subtler wash of grey and white. That delicate marble molding is such an elegant way to finish off the marble wall tiling. It’s stately and delicate without being fussy. Christina and Robert embraced the portion of the wall that conceals the plumbing, building it out a bit extra to create a ledge to keep accessories and essentials within reach.

The large 12″x24″ marble tiles on the wall give way to narrower cuts of the same marble arranged in a herringbone pattern. This is such a smart way to add texture and depth without visual noise. And while the original bathtub was lovely, this is absolutely dreamy. The freestanding tub is a sculpture that also looks incredibly comfortable.

Helpful wooden stools, a cream bathmat, and tan slippers and robes bring figurative and literal warmth and an organic beauty to the pale space. Plant matter adds liveliness, and bath essentials like candles, scrub brush, natural sponge, and bath salts are the only decorative accessories needed.

Where there was once a square-tiled shower stall with black trim and a paisley curtain, there is now a glass-doored shower clad in more of the large marble tile.

Thank you, Christina and Robert of New Darlings!



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