You Can Build Your Own Life-Size Cat Using These Blocks

There is an interesting belief that people are either dog people or cat people. But any general animal lover knows the more the merrier! Why limit yourself to just one species when you can appreciate them all? However, some people do tend to stay away from cats for a somewhat valid reason, though I personally ignore it.

Cats can really aggravate allergies. You’ll meet people who cannot even go in the same room as a cat for 30 seconds without practically bursting or some people who get a little sneezy. Everyone’s allergies vary, from mild to extreme cases. Allergies can get worse or better over time and some people just suck it up for their furry friends. However, not everyone can, and they have to spread their love of cats from afar.

While it might not be the same thing, you can build your own cat! JEKCA’s Sculptor series lets you build a cat out of blocks. The Hong-Kong-based company has been selling these models since 2017. These cats might not purr or have soft fur that you can pet, but they also can’t knock your water onto the floor while staring you right in the eye.

JEKCA sells a wide variety of cat models that let you build life-size replicas. You can choose from Abyssinian, American Shorthair, brown tabby, grey tuxedo, orange & white, Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese, Tonkinese, calico, grey tabby cats (in light and dark), orange tabby, black & white, tuxedo, black, grey, and white cat models.

If you have cats at home and you really wanted to confuse them, you could check out JEKCA’s website to see if there is a model similar to your furry friend. Can you imagine what their little face would look like if you put this together and casually left it in the living room?

Each cat sculpture offered for purchase is slightly different, as they depict cats in varies states of action (and obviously, in action). Some models come with over 1,600 little blocks to put the sculpture together. Depending on the model and breed/color you choose, the cat sculptures can cost anywhere between $72 and $102. You can head to JEKCA’s website to pick out your model now.



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