A (Love) Letter From the Apartment Therapy Editor: February 2019 — Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first monthly installment of our Letter from the Editor — my chance to speak directly to you about what’s going on at Apartment Therapy. I’ll be writing the first Monday of the month to give you updates on what to expect. This past year or so has been a bit of renovation for us, in both technology (you might have noticed a refreshed front page) and growing audience (we reach millions of you each month!). But at our core, our mission has always been about empowering you to create beautiful, happy, healthy spaces that reflect who you are.

When I was reflecting back on the month of January here at Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite moments was the first time I heard "Younger" star Molly Bernard compare her apartment to a human: "I love my apartment like it’s a person. I was not expecting that part of homeownership. I love the walls, I love the floors. I refer to her as a she. It’s very weird, to make something animate, but it’s a very animate space for me. She’s my girl," she told managing editor Sarah Yang during her house tour.


// http://bit.ly/2BeEmmf


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