Fresh And Fabulous Homes Under 60 Square Meters

Fresh and fabulous decor fills these three apartments, which each measure under 60 square meters. Red and auburn tones in home interior number one make for an upbeat atmosphere with heat. Swathes of bright blue make a splash in home number two, with sunny pops of yellow. Neutrals create a calming yet crisp environment in home number three, which is given an edgy vibe by adding in dark basenotes and deep wood stain. Sophisticated modern furniture showcases in all three of these compact open plan living spaces, along with cool zoning techniques. Look out for a couple of contemporary glass wall bedroom designs, and a glass wall bathroom.

Designer: ATO Studio  
Visualizer: Hālō Studio  

The auburn colour that’s woven into the minimalist living room scheme of our first home tour is strong yet easy to live with. The colour has a warmth and vibrancy without jumping out too wildly. Mid grey shades and natural wood tone help achieve a comforting colour balance throughout the 55 square meter composition of this Moscow based flat.

The green indoor plants contrast perfectly against the red tones, adding freshness and vitality.

Large windows bless the living space with plentiful natural light.

A minimalist home office has been fashioned behind the lounge space, separated off by the back of the sofa. The slender desk is equipped with an Ikea lamp with wireless phone charging base to keep the corner of the room neat, tidy and quietly efficient.

Three light wood swivel bar stools line up along the peninsula of the kitchen. The dining bench has a rich auburn coloured countertop that flows over the sides of black base units.

A ceiling mounted rack descends over the dining peninsula, which holds an array of indoor plants.

There is a cool glass wall bedroom design, which runs directly off the main living room. The transparent wall helps the available space seem larger. The same light woodtone, black base and warm accents from the lounge/kitchen/diner have been used for the bedroom palette to maintain the cohesive look.

The small hallway leads to a concrete bathroom edged with crisp linear wall lights. Another LED trims the base of the vanity mirror above a concrete basin and shelf.

Wicker baskets complement the warmth of an earthy feature wall opposite. Crisp white mosaic tiles create stark contrast on the inside of the shower enclosure.

The wet area also houses a bathtub. A heated rail is poised to warm towels just outside.

Visualizer: Respix Studio  

Home number two delivers this energised blue living room with yellow accents.

To balance out the strong colours, grey and natural pieces have been introduced. A charcoal storage unit is wall mounted behind the sofa, which incorporates an undulating arrangement of unique wall shelves in raw wood.

The living room dining room combo has a free-flowing layout, where a centrally placed tv can be rotated on its column mount to deliver entertainment to each zone.

A glass wall bedroom design joins this modern living space too, which allows the line of sight to keep travelling to deliver a larger looking home.

A trio of dining room pendant lights top the table, and act as a subtle divider between the diner and the view of the bedroom.

The blue living room wall runs right on through into the bedroom without stopping.

Although the partition wall is close to the foot of the bed, it does not feel like a tight space thanks to the transparency of the glass.

The glass wall bedroom also has a glass ensuite bathroom.

A cosy reading nook has been fashioned over some storage units in the window.

Copper accents bring a luxurious look to the bathroom.

The grey and white bathroom is backed with edgy textured tile across the bathing area. The vanity has been set back into a nook, with the toilet kept separate behind yet another glass partition wall on the left.

The final glass enclosure also houses the shower.

Designer: Nika Buzko  
Visualizer: Nika Buzko  

Our third apartment is in Krakow, Poland, with an area of 51.8 square meters. A large unique floor lamp is the dominating hero piece in this compact living room, this is the Foscarini Fork lamp.

A slender modern sofa hugs two edges of the lounge, separating it from the kitchen behind. Blush scatter cushions add subtle colour to the grey sofa and monochrome backdrop.

The tv is mounted onto a white panel that stripes across a black feature wall. A dark wood media unit underlines it.

LED strip lights create a glow along the upper and lower edges of the tv mount panel.

Wall art incorporates the monochrome and blush palette of the room scheme. Black and silver decorative vases dress the grey plinth coffee table, along with a set of crystal tumblers and carafe.

A grey area rug holds the elements of the lounge together.

The dining area is slightly elevated from the rest of the open plan. A glow emanates warmly around the base of the dining platform.

A dark grey and wood grain kitchen occupies the space behind the lounge.

The L-shaped kitchen is topped with a white marble countertop to tie in with plain white walls and wall units.

Custom storage furniture makes best use of free space in the hallway.

An upholstered bench seat is stowed away for convenience. A large planter gives the hall a sturdy finishing touch.

The master suite holds a lightweight platform bed to create a spacious and airy look.

There is a wall mounted vanity with split level storage and a Flos Snoopy Lamp.

A small side table serves the bed.

Home Design Under 60 Square Meters

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