Stargazers, Rejoice: This Tiny House’s Roof Slides Completely Open

Not that we needed it, but here’s more evidence that the creativity of tiny house contractors knows no bounds: French builder Optinid‘s latest endeavor is a tiny house with a removable roof.

Aptly given the dreamy moniker La tête dans les étoiles, or “head in the stars,” the diminutive residence was constructed from spruce. Upon entering, guests will find a living space complete with a folding desk and daybed. A dining table that folds up can accommodate three people. In the kitchen, there’s a propane-powered cooktop, a sink, a refrigerator and a place for storage. The opposite end of the structure houses the bathroom, which includes a sink, shower and toilet.

Luckily, the tiny house can easily accommodate one or two people, although more guests comes with the expectation of sharing space in what is easily the coolest spot in the house—the upstairs bedroom, which can be accessed by a set of stairs. So creating a dream bedroom when you don’t have much space to work with sounds like a bit of a challenge, but Optinid totally pulled it off with the open roof idea. The sliding roof can be unattached with a lock and removed manually, allowing occupants to stargaze, moon bathe, or simply stare up at the sky, lost in thought about how their tiny house offers them one of the most enviable views ever.

As are many tiny home designs, La tête dans les étoiles has a few key sustainable elements: it’s solar powered and also comes equipped with a rainwater collecting system. The price? A cool $62,500.



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