51 Magazine Holders To Cut Paper Clutter In Style

Say goodbye to lifeless stacks of magazines and hello to stylish displays that highlight your favorite reads. Whether you are magazine obsessed or like to keep a few issues on hand for leisure reading, the right magazine holder can take your collection for chaotic to organized. Not into magazines? No problem! Magazine holders are also a great way to store and organize mail, files, loose papers, or newspapers. Our collection features magazine storage for any room and includes everything from budget buy wall mountable holders to luxury multi-functional tables equipped with built-in racks. The perfect way to cut paper clutter in style!


Triangular Gold Frame Magazine Holder: Simple, chic, and affordable, this triangular magazine holder features multiple slots to prop up your mail, magazines, or files. A great addition to the contemporary home or office.


Metal Floor Magazine Holder: With its streamlined metal frame and leather hammock this sophisticated floor magazine rack is begging to be introduced to a contemporary or modern space. The perfect size to set beside your couch or reading chair, this holder will balance up to 20 magazines. Available in Dark Brown, White, or Black (shown).


Metal Floor Magazine Holder: A wooden magazine holder with a minimalist aesthetic and handmade charm. This stunning creation by Rubin Wood Latvia is available in Ash or Pine.

$118BUY IT

Modern Sculptural Magazine Holder: Get a magazine holder with a look as unique as your home. With its iron build, graphite finish, and chaotic charm, this find feels more like a functional piece of modern art.


Modern Minimalist Magazine & Book Storage Stand: Always have a few good reads on hand by tucking this compact and minimalist magazine rack beside the couch, bedside, or toilet. With its wide mouth and large storage capabilities, you can even throw a few books into the mix. Available in Black or White (shown).


White Contemporary Magazine Holder: A bright and white magazine holder with a fresh feel that is well-suited for most decor styles. It is stylish enough to use in the living room, yet large enough to organize books in the bedroom. Also available in Black.


Faux Leather Wooden Look Magazine Holder With Buckle Handle: If you are looking for a high end look on a budget, then you definitely need to consider this faux leather and wood magazine holder. A stylish and affordable way to cut magazine clutter in style.

$141BUY IT

Side Table With Meshed Magazine Rack : If your home craves the Midas touch, then this golden beauty is ready. Not only does this magazine rack provide ample space to store your magazines, but it doubles as a compact side table. Gold not for you? This choice is also available in Black, White, or Pink.

$188BUY IT

Wooden Side Table With Magazine Rack: Perhaps you prefer something with a bit of Scandinavian charm? With its natural finish and mango wood build, you don’t just a get a magazine holder or table with this buy, you get an awe-worthy piece of multi-functional furniture. Perfect for a living room, bedroom, or reading corner.

$164BUY IT

Clear Acrylic Stool With Magazine Holder: When a space either small or large calls for a bit of unexpected flair, this unique stool is up to the task. It may not be for everyone, but its unusual design is undoubtedly a conversation piece.

$170BUY IT

Side Table/Magazine Rack/Laptop Desk: We love furniture that can pull double duty, so we were over the moon about this triple threat. Not only does this contemporary piece act as a magazine holder, but it can also be used as a stylish side table or portable laptop desk. Available in Black, White, Walnut, or Birch (shown).

$680BUY IT

Coffee Table With Magazine Rack: This minimalist coffee table has a boost of storage thanks to its unique side flip. Perfect to keep magazines, newspapers, or your latest read on hand.

$450BUY IT

Coffee Table With Magazine Display Rack: Create a wow-worthy display by arranging the covers of your favorite magazines and books. While many magazine holders hide the front covers, this one can prominently display them. Great for showcasing collector’s editions!

$153BUY IT

W Magazine Rack: Warm, well-made, welcoming, no wonder this is called the “W magazine rack”! Okay, it might also have something to do with its double curve design, but either way this magazine holder is a minimalist treat.

$164BUY IT

Kita Wooden Magazine Holder: Throw and go, the Kita wooden magazine holder is a stylish piece that is made for busy readers. There is no need to carefully place or balance books or magazines with this holder. Thanks to its wide mouth you can effortlessly pop them in and out with minimal thought. Available in Black, White, Red, Walnut, or Oak (shown).

$130BUY IT

Modern Bent Plywood Magazine Holder: Create intrigue on any table with this molded plywood magazine holder. With its soft curve and sleek finish, it is perfect to display a stack of your newest arrivals.


Umbra Shift Magazine Rack: Whether on the floor or a large shelf, the Umbra Shift magazine holder will keep your magazines organized and balanced at an approachable angle. With the spines clearly displayed, there is no more guessing what your have on hand. Also available in Black.


Modern Hexagonal Wall Mountable Magazine Holder: A budget buy that you don’t want to pass up. This mountable hexagon is a modern magazine holder that is both stylish and functional. Try hanging in a pair or trio for an extra dose of modern flair.


Wall Mount Wire Magazine Rack: With a wall mount design to free up floor space, a universally flattering black finish, and a price tag under $20, this is one magazine holder that we knew had to make our list. Bonus tip: Hang in the office to free your desk of paper clutter.


Hanging Magazine Racks: Straight, on an angle, or in a pair, this highly affordable magazine rack is a chic accessory that works in a variety of settings. Whether trying to organize the mail or add a bit of flavor to your home office, these babies are a home run option.


Chicken Wire Wall-Mounted Metal Magazine Rack: Need a magazine rack for a farmhouse-inspired home? This chicken wire piece is up to the task! Available in Black, Gray, or White (shown).


Urbio Modern White Magazine Rack: If simplicity is the name of your game, then we have a magazine holder for you. Its simple shape and uniform finish make it ideal for most decor types.


Minimalist Wall Hanging Book/Magazine Holder: A magazine holder that has been redesigned in a way that instantly caught our attention—it is both portable and foldable! This creative magazine solution will have everybody looking twice with its ingenious design that is innovative and sleek.


Soft Fabric Hanging Magazine Rack: If you are dealing with a smaller room or simply don’t have the floor or wall space for a magazine holder, try utilizing that dead space behind the door. Unpack, hang, and voila! An instantaneous and powerful storage solution, all for under $15. Available in multiple colors.

$100BUY IT

Perforated Designed Wall Mounted 3-Pocket Magazine Rack: Perforated to perfection this golden gem takes the style that a magazine holder can provide to new heights. A fantastic addition to modern or Moroccan decor. Also available in Black or Gray.


Wall Mount Magazine Storage Rack: Learn how to roll in style with a magazine rack that knows how to make a wave in the decor world. Crafted from metal and finished in a brushed bronze.

$340BUY IT

Sculptural Wall Magazine Rack: Make your magazine display into a mini work of art with this sculptural magazine rack. The perfect way to add modern style to your walls, while flaunting your favorite magazines.


No Drill Wall Mount Magazine Holder With Suction Cups: Whether you live in an apartment that forbids holes in the wall or you just don’t want the hassle, this no drill magazine holder is a simple, no damage option. To mount just use the attached suction cups on non-porous, smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, polish stainless steel/metal, plastic board, polished tiles etc.

$351BUY IT

Kartell Front Page Magazine Rack: A luxury magazine rack with some majorly unique style. This flower-inspired, contemporary charmer would look stunning in a living room, study, or den.

$140BUY IT

Normann Copenhagen Magazine Rack: Thanks to its powder coated metal finish this magazine holder has no lack of modern flair, even though it was inspired by the cooling components of computers in the 90’s.


Beautiful Patterned Pink Magazine Holder: Perched on a desk or a shelf, this patterned pink holder is overflowing with feminine elegance. A simple solution to infuse more personality into an office or studio. Available in a set of 2.


Gold Finish Magazine Rack & Desk Organizer Set: If your office thirsts for a splash of gold glamour, then this gold finish magazine rack is what you need. It is stylish and affordable, plus it comes with a matching pencil cup and small storage caddy. Also available in Black, White, Pink, Purple, or Bronze


Rattan Magazine Holder: A magazine rack with a bit more of a bohemian or beach vibe thanks to its rattan build. Handwoven and finished with a durable, clear lacquer.


Self Standing Wooden Bamboo Magazine Holder: Never dig for a file or magazine under a pile on your desktop again. Get organized once and for all with these bamboo magazine holders. A great plastic or metal alternative for workspace organization.


Clear Acrylic Magazine Holder: If book ends or showy holders aren’t your style, then be sure to check out this clear acrylic magazine holder. Your magazines will still be on full display, but without the risk of toppling over.


Pink Acrylic Magazine Holder: A clear choice to many, this pink magazine holder has a mirrored backing that instantly brings it from simplistic to glam. A great addition to any home or commercial workspace that needs a warm touch.


Treadmill iPad/Magazine Holder: Kick your exercise enjoyment up a notch by engaging your mind and body for under $25. This clear magazine holder means you can catch up on your reading, all while the clear backing allows you to keep an eye on your treadmill’s displayed stats. Available in 3 sizes.


Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder With Magazine Rack: Whether you read, text, or smoke in the bathroom, this holder has you covered! It even leaves room for a couple toilet paper rolls.


Rustic Double Toilet Paper Holder With Magazine Rack: If you fancy a bathroom magazine holder with more rustic charm, voila! It measures 13 inches long and is made of wicker with a rustic, distressed finish.


Free Standing Metal Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack: If a freestanding, floor rack is preferable for bathroom reading, we didn’t forget about you. This holder works well for most styles of decor with its neutral finish, especially since it is also available in Black, Metallico, and Pearl Champagne.


Rose Gold Wall Mountable Magazine Holder: A 6 tier wall mount finished in a rose gold metallic. A great magazine rack or organizer to mount in an entryway, office, living room, or kitchen. Not into rose gold? This beauty is also available in Black.


Metal & Faux Leather Magazine Holder: If you decor craves a more masculine accessory, this magazine rack has you covered with its faux leather holder. Made from vegan leather, this choice is also suitable for animal lovers!

$265BUY IT

Free Standing Leather & Gold Finish Twin Magazine Holder: Double the pockets equal double the flair with this magazine holder. With its black and gold finish, it has a stunning contrast that will make it an eye catching add to any room.

$128BUY IT

Leather Magazine Holder: Another magazine holder, but this time with a softer colored, rose leather that gives it a more feminine feel. A perfect gift for that Girl Boss in your life!


Stainless Steel Magazine Holder With Handle: The modern look of brushed stainless steel rolled into a sleek magazine holder. With its small size and easy wipe finish, this is an ideal accessory for bathroom reading material.


Slim Magazine & Book Rack: Keep your children’s books and magazines all the more organized with this slim holder. Perfect to squeeze into smaller spaces with its narrow build. Available in Brown or Light Brown (shown).


7 Pocket Wall Magazine Rack: If you are tired of digging in a stack to find the magazine you want, this 7 pocket magazine rack can help keep things a bit more organized. With just enough depth to have the title still showing, you’ll always know what you have on hand.


Wooden Wall Magazine Holder: Another multi-pocket magazine holder, but this time with a less traditional feel. Its wood finish makes it ideal for many decor types, but it is especially well-suited for farmhouse, cottage, or modern decor.

$165BUY IT

Concrete Magazine Holder: We have concrete evidence that this is the magazine holder that you need for an industrial or contemporary space. Designed in the shape of the classic Microsoft Windows’ icon, Lyon Beton successfully carries a bit of nostalgia into analog decor in a modern and elegant way.

$120BUY IT

Tower Magazine & Newspaper Holder With Handle: Prefer to stack your magazines instead? Then this tower holder is a must! This Japanese design is made of sturdy steel, yet it’s lightweight and easy to move.

$525BUY IT

Luxury Magazine Holder Made Of Black Marble & Brass: For when just any magazine holder won’t due, this luxury marble stunner is up to to the task. Its marble base and brass metal holder are a dynamic duo that will add modern elegance to any room.

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