9 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts to Replace Your Elementary School Drawings

Does your mom still have a box of your preschool paintings and still mentions how much she loves those handmade gifts? Put your newer, finer motor skills to task and make her a gift she’ll be thrilled to show off. We’ve rounded up a few ideas, from nostalgic to practical, and everything in between.

Put a twist on your usual Teleflora gift and try your hand at a gorgeous, handmade bouquet, like this one from The House That Lars Built. There’s a twist: These flowers are made from crepe paper, so mom can keep them on display for a long time.

Fancy kitchen textiles fall into that “I love them, but I wouldn’t buy them for myself” category. They can sometimes seem like an extravagant gift for something meant to get dirty. Show mom she’s worth the splurge and create a whole set of modern pieces that will remind her of you every time she uses them. Paper & Stitch has the tutorial.

It can be hard to find a card that fully says what you want to say. Instead, add a thoughtful poem to mom’s favorite candle with a DIY Mother’s Day Poem Candle and gift the perfect words. Check out the how-to at ctrl + curate.

In the same way it’s bad luck to gift a wallet or piggy bank without money in it, so would it feel to gift an empty planter. Put together a DIY planter with a new plant, like this one from BlissMakes, for a complete and thoughtful gift.

Even if your tea parties have gotten fewer and farther in between, tap into those nostalgic memories with a DIY rattan tea box filled with her favorite picks. Go to ctrl + curate for the tutorial.

This rope and concrete box from Fish & Bull is as effortlessly cool as your number one cheerleader. It’s only a few steps more refined than those clay pieces from art class.

Just like mom, leather only gets better. A simple, envelope clutch is a beginner-friendly foray into the material and the end result is the perfect spot for all of mom’s everyday essentials. Check out the tutorial at Alice & Lois.

Help mom welcome spring with a modern bird feeder. Delia of Delia Creates walks you through the basic macrame knots that make this lovely porch addition possible.

And of course, if your mom is more the type to make all of these herself, help her create her own maker space with her very own “she shed.” Head to Sugar & Cloth for the how-to.

// http://bit.ly/2BeEmmf

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