54 Things Absolutely Nobody Should be Storing, Anywhere

Have you ever had guests over and then for some reason needed to move a piece of furniture, like the ottoman or an armchair? You hope nobody notices the crumbs and missing LEGO bricks, but still blow your own cover by apologizing for the mess. It’s the housekeeping equivalent of getting caught with your pants down.

If someone were to poke through your storage areas and see all the things you’re needlessly keeping, the feeling would probably be the same: Suddenly aware and feeling awkward about things you very easily could have handled, but haven’t.

Here is a big list of things that none of us has any business keeping:

Honestly the list goes on. You might not relate to everything on the list, but it probably inspired a few similar thoughts. The idea is to be open and honest with yourself about what you need to hang on to.

Avoid casting things off to a landfill, if you’re able. Many of these things can be resold locally or donated to another home.

// http://bit.ly/2BeEmmf


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