Isn’t It Romantic? Six Dreamy Rugs To Grab During Urban Outfitter’s 20% Off Sale

For a limited time, Urban Outfitters is offering 20% off sitewide. Some things are excluded, including most big furniture pieces, like dressers and bed frames.. For our money, however, one of the best things to grab is one of their already affordable rugs. Many draw from styles we’re already seeing everywhere, like Beni Ourain or 70s vintage, and give them twists with fresh colors and designs. Far from looking like something out of your old dorm, they feel sophisticated instead. More and more, too, we’ve noticed they’re constructed of 100% cotton or wool, an update from days when options were primarily synthetic.

Here are seven feminine but not fussy ones that caught our eye, perfect for late spring and beyond.

If you’ve wanted a pink rug but can’t build up the courage to go all in, this is a great option. Rich purpose and grey ground it, and the cream center makes the pink feel more like an accent. There isn’t a bad place to stick this 5’x8′ beauty, but it would go well in an office or extra room.

8-bit, meet needlepoint. The macro take on the handicraft makes it feel updated, not dowdy. The macrame fringe gives it more of the on-trend, 70s vibe without feeling kitschy. (Though, if kitschy is your thing, some actual needlepoint, funky vases, and other second-hand finds would pair well with this in a living or bedroom.)

An unexpected color combination of blue, orange, and pink manages to feel subtle, despite also being floral. The faded effect is one reason, as well as the chenille construction. Perfect for bare feet, it will add a bit of grounding calm to a bedroom. The vintage feel is perfect for mixing and matching and would also work well as a bright pop of color against mostly whites and light wood.

Speaking of something to sink your feet into, this generous shag rug is 100% wool and features an asymmetrical pattern that allows the muted tones to still feel eye-catching. The 5’x8′ size can go with nearly any couch color for the living room, or by a bed. You just probably won’t want to risk that harder-to-clean, high pile under dining tables.

Inspired by Southwestern motifs, this 100% cotton, flat-woven rug would be great in areas where occasional splashes could dry quickly, like in a bathroom (just not as a bath mat replacement!) or in the kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of tracking of outside dirt in your house (say, if you live in an apartment building with carpet in the hallway) this could also be a chic stand-in for a doormat.

Texture makes this rather subdued pattern pop. If you want more color, it also comes with blue accents. The flat-weave rug looks way thicker than it is, so you’ll just want to be sure to get a rug pad to keep it in place.

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.



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