This Paint Company’s New Crowdsourced Color Is So Chill

Designer-curated paint company Clare has recently increased its palette from 55 to 56 hues with the introduction of its newest color—and fans had a part in choosing it.

In response to the demand for a new color, the company decided to make it a collective endeavor by inviting customers to weigh in or what the next shade would be. The social media crowdsourcing campaign proved to be a success, fetching more than 2,000 votes over the past month and proving that the brand’s supporters have a lot to say about how to choose paint colors. The winning color is named “Frozen,” and is described as “a light, airy and beautiful blue.”

Seeing as how Frozen was partially the people’s choice, it’s safe to say this paint color may very well have a cult following. The breezy new shade is listed on Clare’s website at $49 per gallon, which covers 375-425 square feet. For those who want to live with the blue hue a bit before permanently picking a paint color, you can try a peel-and-stick swatch for $2 each.

Clare is just one of the direct-to-consumer paint companies, like Backdrop and Jolie Home, that are disrupting the traditional paint industry, much like mattresses before it. By cutting out the middle man, online brands aim to take the stress out of paint-picking by offering curated palettes that reduce the likelihood of customers being overwhelmed by too many choices.



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