A Tiny 400-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Tackles Utility With Style

Name: Caryn Wallace and husband
Location: Alphabet City (East Village) — New York, NY
Size: Approx 400 square ft.
Years lived in: Owned 2 Years

This urban dwelling is the first New York City apartment purchase made proudly by business service manager, Caryn Wallace. It’s located in Alphabet City, a neighborhood in Manhattan’s crowded East Village. Their well-maintained and tucked-away building stands on a residential street with blossoming trees and a small public park nearby, giving the area a quaint quality. There’s plenty of rare room for sunshine to filter into the large windows in the corner home she shares with her husband.

Everything about the apartment is clean, sophisticated, and utilitarian, and the couple uses hidden drawers, creative storage spots, and fashion on display to maximize the small amount of space they have.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Cozy chic with a retro vibe.

Inspiration: The neighborhood. I really wanted the apartment to reflect the individuality of Alphabet City. And the various blue kitchens I saw on Instagram and fell in love with!

Favorite Element: The exposed brick, and the shutters on our bedroom windows.

Biggest Challenge: Getting creative with the storage space—our winter decor and flannel sheets are stored somewhere in the top kitchen cabinets!

What Friends Say: That I should submit to Apartment Therapy

Biggest Embarrassment: I painted our bedroom by myself one weekend when my fiance was out of town. It was HORRIBLE. I tried to do a metallic “effect” that was streaky and a bad gold color.

Proudest DIY: I am not great at DIY, but I am proud of how I made the tiny living room work. Previously the whole wall was (very useful) closets, but the room only fit a bed. I decided to flip the living room and bedroom to create a cozy den.

Biggest Indulgence: Getting a sink in the bathroom.

Best Advice: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially in your first home! I get overwhelmed when I have too many options and do not have a lot of free time. I generally kept my searches to a few reasonably priced stores that delivered when I was filling out the apartment. It is hard for me to settle in the space if I feel like it is a constant work in progress. I think it is possible to select pieces that maybe do not each have a personal story but still look amazing and create a unique space.

Dream Sources: There is an interior designer in Houston where I am from, Marie Flanigan. The spaces her and her team create are so serene and warm!

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