A Tech Expert’s Breezy Beach House Is Decorated with Wellness in Mind

Name: Carley Knobloch, husband Mike, kids Spencer (17) and Annie (14), and Marty the Goldendoodle
Location: Malibu, California
Size: 1400
Years Lived In: Almost 1 year, owned

We had been spending more and more time in Malibu, hovering for too long at restaurants or planting ourselves on the beach. So when I stumbled upon this little home, overlooking a peaceful ravine and a two-minute drive down to the beach, we took a leap and grabbed it. It has been the most incredible weekend retreat for our family… it feels like we’re on vacation every weekend. My husband has an insanely busy workweek, and we both travel a bit, so this is our place to decompress, slow down, and BE with each other. I swear my blood pressure drops the minute I open the car door, and Marty runs up to the front door. He knows the weekend is going to be fun.  

Malibu is only about an hour away from where we live, but it couldn’t feel farther from home: The temperature is cooler, the air is cleaner, and without the pressures of home (running errands, carpool, paying bills, home repairs… you know the drill), we can have fun, be out in nature, eat great food, and truly connect with one another at the end of a busy week. Oh, and somehow we all sleep better there too (except for Marty, who is up at 6:00am sharp for breakfast no matter where he sleeps… sigh). 

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Coastal Cozy: Lots of bright whites, wood tones, natural and woven materials, and soft places to land after long days at the beach. Textured towels, blankets, linens and cozy blankets (it gets cold on the coast, I swear!). Lots of invitations to sit outside, and lots of nature brought inside. Oh, and friendly, unfussy spaces for teenagers and doggies to do their thing, with lots of places to sleep and cuddle. 

Early on, I made some decisions about what technology I’d put in the house, and what technology would not be welcome. Yes, I’m a tech expert on TV and my blog, CarleyK.com, but that’s my work life. I didn’t want our weekend place to be overly “smart” and brimming with gadgets. That said, I know which technology makes life easier, and could add to the wellness we’d experience there. Only the tech that would help us all slow down, unplug, and restore would be allowed through the front door. In other words, I wanted to take a more intentional, minimal approach to technology here.

Inspiration: I really wanted an absence of color here—whites, neutrals, wood tones, and textures were the name of the game. Inspired by Surfrider Hotel and Jenni Kayne’s interiors.

Favorite Element: The infrared sauna in our backyard. A wellness dream come true!

Biggest Challenge: That I’m not a decorator! Real talk: It’s hard to make so many decisions and know it’s all going to turn out great! I made a few mistakes along the way—thank goodness not costly!

Proudest DIY: I can’t take any credit, but Annie made the cute surfboard plaque that hangs above our front door when she was at summer camp. We wrote her a letter and attached some pictures of our new place, and she was inspired! She’s an amazing little surfer, and getting better by the month now that we spend so much more time at the beach.

Biggest Indulgence:  The sofa. I had ordered something cheaper and when it showed up I knew it wasn’t right—we were all shifty and trying hard to get comfortable. That chaise can fit three cuddly people facing the TV! And a 4th can lie the other way. We can all do a movie night no problem.

Oh, and the sconces from Lostine in the kitchen were definitely not a “weekend home” price point… but I had to have them!   

// http://bit.ly/2BeEmmf

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