Favorites List (6.9.19)

Hi all! Here’s a fresh list of links, recipes, reading, and watch-worthy gems for the week ahead. I’m working on a garden edition for the next one. 

Road Tripping with Diana Kennedy (NY Times) 
12 Lovely Swimsuits (great links in comments too!)
Best Books for Summer (Vogue)
This recipe. (LA Times + Botanica)
– Also, Diana Kennedy Says Goodby to Her Cookbooks (NY Times)
Herbal Iced Tea brainstorm
– Summer Reading – (NY Times)
A Tale of Two Kitchens (Netflix)
– Reading this right now, next up.
– Everything you didn’t even know you wanted to know about celery (LA Times)
– Flageolet Salad with Lemon, Radishes + Oven-Roasted Tomatoes
– The Mission grape is cool in L.A. again
– Also watching this.
– Karl Blossfeldt, Art Forms in Plants
– The Mexico City home of artist Pedro Reyes and fashion designer Carla Fernández 


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