5 Reusable Totes We’re Eyeing for Summer Shopping Trips

I personally can’t get enough of reusable totes — they’re compact, eco-friendly, and handy for every task imaginable. Whether you’re transporting a stack of library books to loading up on fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market, reusable totes are lifesavers. Luckily, there seem to currently be more amazing options for sale than ever before. We’re sharing five of our favorites for every task under the sun.

Stash this set of three reusable shopping bags in your glove compartment or work tote and you’ll be prepared for any and all last minute grocery runs, small or large. Each bag can be stored in a zip-up pouch and are machine washable, so no need to fret over spills.

This large, collapsable bag by trusty brand SCOUT is a great size for carrying pool gear, picnic supplies, and much, much more. Choose from many different cheerful, colorful designs.

This reusable tote doubly gives back. In addition to being a green alternative to plastic grocery bags, it’s also designed to support charity: water, which provides clean drinking water to hundreds of millions of people around the world, with 50 percent of proceeds supporting the cause.

Celebrate your favorite city with these geographically-themed totes that are truly works of art. They’d make great graduation presents or housewarming gifts for those moving to a new part of the country, too!

While they’re a splurge, Apolis totes are the real deal — they’re extremely sturdy and also double as gorgeous pieces of decor. (Use one to house magazines, craft supplies, or even linens.) They’re perfect for longer walks home from the grocery store, as they’re guaranteed to hold up even when packed full with the heaviest cans and bottles.

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

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