Twitter Users Share Words They’ve Hilariously Mispronounced and One of Them Is ‘Homeowner’

When HuffPostCanada Editor in chief Andree Lau heard a friend’s son pronounce “apply” as “APP-lee,” she started to mull over the words we learned incorrectly. Lau asked Twitter to chime in with their own misunderstandings, and the answers proved to be hilarious. 

“What word did you learn first by reading before you realized you were pronouncing it wrong the whole time?” Lau asked. 

“Synecdoche. I said is-neck-dosh at a snobby party in Oxford, and everybody laughed uproariously at me,” one user replied

“Plateau… it’s not platooo. Humiliated by sixth grade teacher while reading aloud,” said one user. 

“Banal, and it was embarrassing,” read another reply.

“Um, vagina,” one response read. “va(hardg)ee-nah.”

“Homeowner. ho-meow-ner,” another user said

“Macabre. I was saying ‘mack a burr,” said someone else. 

“Fatigue,” read one answer. “Fatty-goo-we.”

“I thought that valor was pronounced like velour and did a whole presentation in high school about WW2 heroes but according to my presentation they were awarded for their velour and not valor,” said one responder.

“Gif,” one reply read. “I still don’t know how to pronounce it.”

“I love words & your replies have all been delightful,” Lau followed up. She added that the most popular answers were “hyperbole, epitome, awry, and Hermione.”



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