The ‘Little Women’ Trailer Just Came Out and Twitter Is Loving It

Few classics have withstood the test of time in literature like “Little Women.” The novel by Louisa May Alcott was first published in 1868, and it was a coming of age tale unlike anything young women and girls had available to them at the time. It makes sense that the classic inspired many others works of art, too, and we can now add blockbuster film to that list.

Greta Gerwig’s interpretation of the narrative will hit the silver screen on Christmas this year. The trailer just came out and of course it looks amazing. With a star-studded cast and fans everywhere at the ready, Twitter has of course been abuzz with the unveiling. Here’s proof:

Can we print this out on something huge and wave it around or part of a self-love manifesto that women everywhere learn to recite? Because these words are gold.

YESSSSS! Among other things, “Little Women” reinforces the idea that it’s A-OK (*ahem*—good) for women to want and to express those wants. Period.

Because we aren’t turning down an opportunity to share a tweet that manages to tie “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” with “Little Women”.

Important note! The font really is the same as the first edition font. And it’s a glorious homage.

I think we all can relate to this sentiment, even if we weren’t the ones directing this book-based film (because… we weren’t). But a good book can encapsulate you so much that you feel you’re in it even when it’s closed.



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