8 Retailers that Have Teacher and Student Discounts, Because Who Deserves It More?

Everyone loves a good discount. And teachers and students? Well, they really deserve it. With class back in session soon, teachers and students alike are spending money on supplies, new wardrobes, and, if you’re a college student, dorm decor. All those costs add up, so it pays to shop at places that will give you a little extra love during this busy spending season. Here, the best places to shop that will give you a discount with a proper ID or an .edu email address.

2. Madewell: The clothing and accessories retailer offers 15 percent off to students and teachers all year long, with verification.

3. The Container Store: If you’re a teacher, score a variety of discounts throughout the year to keep your classroom organized—just sign up for the Organized Teacher program. The retailer also offers periodic sales for college students.

6. Amazon: Students get a six-month free trial to Prime (though it doesn’t have all options of a paid account), and then it’s $49 for the next four years or until you graduate—whichever comes first. Prime Student members also get special discounts throughout the year, plus three months free of Kindle Unlimited. There’s currently a petition for a teacher discount, as well.

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

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