Turn Any Chain Link Fence into a Vertical Garden With This Simple Planter

Plants make the world a better place—bringing us joy, providing a home and sustenance for bugs and animals, and turning carbon dioxide into oxygen—so we’re all for innovative ways to bring more of them into built environments. One designer is doing that with a chain link fence-friendly planter called the Sead Pod, and using Kickstarter to fund its release.

First of all, the name isn’t a typo—it’s an acronym for “Sustainable Ecology, Adaptive Design.” Made from recycled plastic, the planters are designed to hook onto a chain link fence, turning it into a vertical garden. They’re small and simple, and a $1 pledge gets you one of them (starting at $20, you can request a combination of pods and chain-link frames, for vertical gardens indoors or on any smooth surface).

Artist Bryan Meador’s mission goes beyond beautifying your porch. Inspired by climate activists like Greta Thunberg, he wants Sead Pods to be part of a grassroots effort to fight climate change.

“By reimagining existing architectural elements like chain link fencing as a tool in the fight against climate change,” Meader said in a press release, “we’re able to leap into the green movement immediately, fighting climate change at the grassroots level and making our cities cleaner, healthier, and more livable—right now.”

Although individual efforts alone can’t ensure the health of the planet, the pods are meant to be one empowering step. “By harnessing the CO2 conversion that plants accomplish naturally,” the press release continues, “Sead Pods enable people to begin the larger process of CO2 sequestration at the grassroots level while governments and multinational companies figure out how to scale this process up to an industrial scale.”

On Kickstarter, the project addresses the fact that the pods are made of plastic:

“Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, (at least not for a couple hundred years) so it’s important that we keep track of the plastic that we have now. Why not use this material for something good? By using recycled plastic to grow plants that help to clean the air and create more biomass, we can use our waste to our advantage rather than creating more problems later on by dumping it in our oceans and landfills. We also incentivize larger plastic clean up efforts by creating more demand for recycled plastic material.”

The pods are also designed to be durable and recyclable.

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