51 Dining Room Chandeliers With Tips On Right Sizes And How To Hang Them

A chandelier is the crown jewel of a well-furnished dining arrangement. Choosing the right one is not a light decision – even the most engaging design will look out of place if factors like proportion fall by the wayside. Following a few commonly-accepted guidelines can help. How big should a dining room chandelier be? Industry experts suggest choosing a fixture roughly 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table below. Any wider, and guests might bump it while standing. Hanging height should be no lower than 30 inches above the tabletop. For grand ceilings, hang your chandelier up to 3 inches higher for every foot of ceiling height over 8 feet.

Simple right? With these considerations in mind, feel confident selecting the dining chandelier that makes your heart sing. This post explores 51 dining table chandeliers that stand out from the rest, each one sure to leave a lasting impression on dinner guests.

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Spherical Dining Room Raindrop Chandelier: Do you want the even illumination of flush-mount lights with the striking appeal of a chandelier? This design features crystal glass raindrops that hang in a perfect sphere, a fantastic way to center a smaller dining table.

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Rectangular Crystal Dining Room Raindrop Chandelier: For longer tables, consider this rectangular take on the crystal raindrop concept. The intricately faceted crystals sparkle in the light to bring immediate glamour to a formal dining arrangement.

$226BUY IT

Dining Room Drum Chandelier: A lattice of oil-rubbed bronze supports whimsical spheres of glass, diffusing the light while doubling its decorative effect. The shade measures at a conservative 20” in diameter and the fixture accepts five candelabra-style bulbs for gentle illumination.

$530BUY IT

Smoked Glass Small Chandelier for Dining Room: This gorgeous chandelier features a sleek modern shade with smoked glass crystals hanging below for a luxurious touch. The shade measures 26” in diameter, with a 14” height from the bottom of the crystals to the top of the shade.

$150BUY IT

Modern Twisted Shape Dining Chandelier: This linear design features a ribbon of remote-controlled LED to provide perfectly even illumination at the exact brightness and color temperature you prefer. At just under 30” in length, this modern chandelier is ideal for smaller rectangular tables. Choose from black, white, and gold finishes to suit your decor.

$334BUY IT

Ring Dining Chandelier: Versatile, appealing, and perfectly modern – this ring chandelier is a true statement piece. The canopy stretches to just over 49” in length to suit larger tables, great for formal dining rooms with contemporary decor themes. The strings can be adjusted from 1 to 47 inches in length to accommodate a wide range of ceiling heights.

$280BUY IT

Modern Shaped Adjustable 3 Ring LED Chandelier: Here is a smaller ring chandelier option. Adjustable strings allow you to choose the height of your fixture as well as the configuration of the rings. The largest ring measures at 31.5” in diameter while the smallest ring measures just 15.75”. This design includes a remote with timer, color temperature, and brightness controls.

$106BUY IT

Sputnik Dining Chandelier: Sputnik chandeliers take inspiration from atomic era design trends yet the look is truly timeless. This chandelier is suggested for dining rooms between 20-25 square meters in size. The body measures approximately 33.4” in diameter and the rod is adjustable to fit a variety of ceiling heights. Equip with your favorite Edison bulbs to complete the look.

$178BUY IT

Natural Wood Sputnik Chandelier: Mid-century modern charm abounds with this handsome natural wood sputnik chandelier. This design provides multi-directional lighting from eight fixtures interspersed among the decorative wood details. Add vintage-style Edison bulbs for an authentic touch – this design is also compatible with dimmer switches for a more tailored dining experience.

$195BUY IT

Mid Century Modern Style Starburst Dining Chandelier: This 22” starburst chandelier requires twelve candelabra style E14 bulbs – a very bright fixture capable of illuminating quite a large room. For smaller spaces, consider using with a dimmer switch. This spectacular style offers an elegant take on a nostalgic design, finished in a light matte brass color for on-trend appeal.

$164BUY IT

Sculptural Rods Dining Chandelier: This dining chandelier combines the vintage appeal of a sputnik chandelier with the modern artistry of a cantilever design. Choose a streamlined bulb shape to suit smaller table arrangements or opt for large round bulbs for a weightier look. This piece is available in antique bronze and brushed nickel finishes.

$2000BUY IT

Pickup Stick Chandelier: Playful and artistic, the Pick Up Stick chandelier makes a strong impression with its sculptural shape. It accommodates nine 6-watt bulbs, making it more of a dramatic decorative accent than a primary source of lighting. The attached link leads to the smaller five-stick version that measures 47” wide and drops to a maximum of 36” from the ceiling – a more practical choice for smaller dining rooms. This design is available in six finishes ranging from blackened brass to bright stainless steel.

$1,762BUY IT

Brass Chandelier for Low Ceiling Dining Room: Glamorous yet streamlined, this handsome chandelier dazzles with its aged brass finish and glimmering glass accents. This elegant chandelier comes with a variety of downrods that can be combined as needed to suit the height of your ceilings – ideal for ceilings low and high.

$100BUY IT

5-Light Linear Chandelier for Dining Room: Heavy-looking chandeliers can feel imposing when hung low to a table, making streamlined chandeliers like this one a much better choice. The fixtures are positioned facing upward to provide alluring ambiance without shining harsh light on the dinner guests below.

$144BUY IT

Mid Century Modern Style Globe Chandelier: Smoke grey globes provide gentle diffused light, suspended across this linear chandelier facing in every direction for even light. This design is not dimmable, so equip with your favorite E26 bulbs to get the quality of light you prefer the best.

$350BUY IT

Small Dining Room Chandelier in Black and Gold: When your dining room layout necessitates a small chandelier, it makes sense to go with something that packs a lot of style. This piece makes a strong sophisticated statement with its dual-tone black and satin gold downlights. This piece requires seven E12 bulbs up to 60W.

$131BUY IT

Brushed Nickel Dining Room Chandelier: Here is another small chandelier, this time in classic brushed nickel. This six-light model is quite substantial, measuring at 24” in diameter and standing slightly taller at nearly 27”. Looking for something a little different? This model is available in a wide range of finishes including rustic barnwood and stately antique brass.

$354BUY IT

Transitional Dining Room Chandelier: What an adaptable design! This transitional chandelier is compatible with classic and contemporary styles alike while the combination of matte black, autumn gold, and opal white offer easy coordination with a wide variety of color palettes.

$110BUY IT

Black Dining Room Chandelier: Clean minimalist lines meet extensive functionality with this versatile dining room chandelier. This design includes three double-ended arms, each adjustable to almost any angle. Multiple downrod extenders are included for flexible hanging possibilities.

$540BUY IT

16-Light Black Dining Room Chandelier: Equipped with eight double-ended arms, this linear chandelier provides both ambient and direct lighting for dining tables. The adjustable cord extends all the way to 108” to accommodate the tallest ceilings.


Spider Dining Room Chandelier: Spider chandeliers are such a fun contemporary option for the dining room. By adjusting the position of each cord, you have full control over the footprint of the fixture. Space the bulbs further apart for larger tables or closer together to concentrate light in a smaller area.

$190BUY IT

Linear Chandelier for Dining Room: This linear chandelier combines natural wood with minimalist matte finishes, ideal for interior styles ranging from modern Scandinavian to farmhouse rustic. Choose between black and white shades to best suit your space.

$280BUY IT

Rectangular Wood And Metal Dining Room Chandelier: Well-suited to rustic, farmhouse, industrial, and modern decor themes, this rectangle dining chandelier can adapt to a wide variety of interior styles. The included downrod extensions span a wide range of sizes, making it easier to achieve the perfect height for your table without extensive modification.

$170BUY IT

Concentric Rectangular Dining Room Chandelier: At 26” wide and 31” tall, this rectangular dining chandelier immediately catches the eye with its substantial size – especially useful for matching the proportion of exceptionally tall ceilings. Choose from antique gold, antique silver, or oil rubbed bronze finishes.

$500BUY IT

Geometric Chandelier: Here is another substantial chandelier design, this time encased in a perfectly modern geometric frame. The long cord accommodates a max hanging height of 124” inches to accommodate tall ceilings.

$180BUY IT

Adjustable Dining Room Modern Chandelier: Angle the arms of this highly adjustable fixture to strike a sense of balance that best suits your dining table. Choose from a variety of finish and shade combinations – body finishes include black, grey, and gold while shades are available in clear and gradient options.

$250BUY IT

Brass Chandelier for Dining Area: This handsome chandelier features milky glass globes on a frame of radiant satin brass, a combination that suits a range of interior styles from classic to contemporary. The included downrod extensions encompass a variety of lengths for flexible hanging options.

$117BUY IT

Modern Dining Chandelier With Adjustable Arms: Get expressive! This modern dining chandelier takes a serious approach to customization. Angle the arms downward for direct illumination over the table, angle them upward for ambiance, or strike a sense of balance for the best of both worlds. This design can look as streamlined or as organic as you like.

$1,841BUY IT

Bronze Dining Room Chandelier by Jonathan Adler: If you’re set on a luxury statement piece, why not choose one from an iconic name in modern design? Johnathan Adler’s Meurice chandelier is instantly recognizable, its distinctive Hollywood Regency flair sure to bring a sense of glamour to your dining space.


Copper Dining Room Chandelier with Adjustable Arms: Thanks to the adjustable arms, this unique dining room chandelier offers some leeway when it comes to fixture height and diameter. Spread out the arms to accommodate a larger table or adjust them into a more compact shape if you choose to downsize later. This model includes two 10” downrods and two 6” downrods.

$1440BUY IT

Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier: Stretching at an impressive 50” in diameter, this wagon chandelier is the perfect piece to complement a large round dining table. Equip with candelabra style bulbs for a traditional or rustic look, choose spherical bulbs for a modern update, or go all-out with an Edison style bulb for cool industrial appeal.

$299BUY IT

Antique Dining Chandelier: Embrace the charm of chic French country decor with this lovely antique chandelier design. With a diameter of 29.5”, this piece is perfect for use as a standalone chandelier or paired in a series over a longer table. Soft weathered finishes mesh well with any interior color palette.

$570BUY IT

Traditional Dining Chandelier: A strong sense of home and nostalgia defines the character of this traditional dining chandelier. The classic candelabra fixtures provide gentle even illumination, while rows of decorative beads introduce a touch of playful bohemian flair sure to draw the eye.

$230BUY IT

Rectangular Farmhouse Dining Chandelier: This farmhouse-inspired chandelier takes a clean and streamlined approach to rustic style. Smooth wood framing is encased with a lattice of metal, each joint reinforced with a decorative bracket for sturdiness and style. Four included downrods let you choose how high to hang your chandelier over the dining table.

$470BUY IT

Round Farmhouse Dining Chandelier: For rustic style with a more rugged look, this farmhouse dining chandelier embraces an authentic wagon wheel look with highly distressed wood and deeply burnished metalwork. Intricate scrollwork occupies the center of the wagon wheel to provide decorative appeal from any angle.

$170BUY IT

Rustic Rope Chandelier For Dining: At 20” in diameter, this rustic chandelier packs a lot of personality into a reasonably compact package. The iron frame provides lasting durability with the natural hemp rope accents immediately draw the eye. The adjustable chain offers up to 5’ of length, or can be made as short as desired by simply removing links as needed.

$166BUY IT

Industrial Style Edison Bulb Dining Chandelier: Complement your industrial or rustic decor theme with this distinctively rugged chandelier. Ten fixtures hang from a deeply weathered beam, the cords easily wound up or let out as desired.

$285BUY IT

Industrial Style Cage Chandelier: Here is another rustic style ideal for industrial or countryside interior themes. This one features a round frame measuring at 19.75” in diameter, its wood finished in a reddish hue to bring instant warmth to your dining arrangement. Fit with five compatible E26 bulbs up to 60W.

$220BUY IT

Traditional Lantern Dining Chandelier: Simply charming. This traditional lantern-style chandelier boasts four torch-style fixtures, each with a transparent glass shade for an authentic candelabra look. The exterior lantern framing doubles the visual impact of this delightful down-home piece.

$129BUY IT

Modern Lantern Chandelier for Dining Room: For a more modern take on the lantern style, consider investing in this striking minimalist design. The thin framing cuts a sleek profile with on-trend geometric appeal. Kit includes one 6” downrod and three 12” downrods.

$290BUY IT

6 Light Lantern Chandelier: This chandelier offers that traditional lantern look for longer tables. The downrods are fixed at 15” but hang from adjustable chains for more flexibility. Choose from antique gold, bright modern chrome, or classic oil-rubbed bronze.

$9,360BUY IT

Heracleum Small Big O Chandelier: Designed by Bertjan Pot, Heracleum is an iconic chandelier design instantly recognizable to modern design enthusiasts and a frequent guest star on the pages of shelter magazines around the world. This beautiful floral delight glows with LED efficiency from its hundreds of small petals to create inimitable gentle ambiance. If you love the look but not the price, consider investing the cheaper replica available here.

$1,995BUY IT

Model 2097 Formal Dining Room Chandelier: Another important entry in the modern lighting lexicon. The striking Model 2097/30 chandelier by Gino Sarfatti is a formal dining room chandelier with a modern twist. This design is substantial but feels weightless, with dozens of wires looping gracefully from bulb to body.

$3,592BUY IT

Dear Ingo Dining Room Chandelier: Dear Ingo by Ron Gilad is a collection-worthy investment – in fact, it resides in the permanent collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. This chandelier is composed of 16 individual task lamp bodies, a nod to industrial lighting design with a surprising touch of practicality for the modern home.

$1154BUY IT

Vertigo Dining Chandelier: Dynamic bands twist and loop around a long cylindrical shade, giving this modern chandelier an exciting sense of movement that immediately catches the eye. The vertical alignment makes this piece especially well-suited to higher ceiling heights – choose from fixture heights that range of 18.5” all the way to an impressive 32.75”.

$1779BUY IT

Unique Statement Geometric Dining Chandelier: Natural crystalline stones lend organic contrast to this architectural gold chandelier. Hang to provide gentle ambiance and spark conversation among guests at your next dinner party. This piece measures at 39.5” in width with a cord that reaches up to 144”.

$1428BUY IT

Vibia Wireflow 2D LED Pendant: Famous its minimalistic 2D artistry, the Wireflow series by Arik Levy captures the imagination through its delicate linework crafted from the very wires that support each fixture. This design offers a unique sense of flexibility – the look is streamlined enough to enhance smaller dining rooms without overwhelming the eye, yet dramatic enough to capture attention even within the vastest residences.

$4474BUY IT

Vibia Wireflow 3D LED Octagonal Pendant: For even greater visual impact, this Wireflow model takes its innovation into the 3rd dimension. The radiant LED downlights cast clear and soft illumination to the surface below, as practical as it is impressive.

$3234BUY IT

Volta L92.2T Linear Chandelier: Four graceful arcs draw the eye, their sweeping descents ending with LED cylinders finished in warm black or gold. This chandelier spans 58.75” in length to accommodate longer formal dining tables.

$4000BUY IT

Vibia Match Suspension Lamp: Few dining table chandeliers offer the flexibility of the famous Match suspension lamp. Group the effective LED fixtures far apart or close together, low to the table or high above. Create the artistic profile you envision by simply modifying the mounting points.

$4250BUY IT

Cityscape Large LED Linear Chandelier: Define your dining area with a chandelier that commands attention and appreciation. This luxurious design easily suits longer dining tables, its dynamic shape guiding the eye along its sculptural composition. With its energy-efficient LED lights, this design blends artistry and practicality for modern style you can enjoy every day.

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