This Colorful Home Isn’t Minimalist or Maximalist—It’s “Mediumlist”

Name: Kate Jansen and family
Location: Mount Martha — Victoria, Australia
Years lived in: 8 months, owned

Love the serene, uncluttered vibes of minimalism but still crave lots of color and fun details? You should take some notes from the home of Kate Jansen, whose decor style is the perfect balance of minimal and maximal. Kate, who has a homewares business named Wowhaus, is an artist and former window dresser from London. Five years ago she and her family made the decision to relocate to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula after finding a beach house on the internet ­in Mount Martha. After renovating that home for four years, they recently moved again, but stayed in Mount Martha area. In a short time (only eight months!), Kate has infused this home with her colorful interior style (like painting the walls and floors white and adding lots of fun artwork, rugs, and decor), updated the bathrooms with white tiles, and created an oasis in their backyard.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Eclectic, colorful, fun, vintage, relaxed.

Inspiration: Color and art.

Favorite Element: White floorboards and high-pitched ceiling in the main living area and my ‘Pop and Scott’ massive round paper lampshades

Biggest Challenge: We had two weeks to decorate before we moved in—which included painting all the floors white and spray painting the outside of the house. One of the days was especially windy; I was covered from head to toe in white specks.

What Friends Say: They start off with WOW! They love the bright airy entrance and the pops of colour in this house. They love to come and see what I’ve been working on; there’s always something new to see.

Proudest DIY: I sprayed the whole exterior with white paint with quite a small spray gun; I’ve got Palm Springs at the front and Byron Bay meets Bali out the back!

Biggest Indulgence: Bird cage light in the hallway from Graham and Green in London (still my favourite item in the house ) and the Moroccan rug in the main living area from Love Moroccan Rugs.

Best Advice: When in doubt paint it white, let a home grow organically, and don’t be afraid of color. Oh and plants, many many plants, find the ones that you can’t kill and buy lots of them!

Dream Sources: Holidays in the Caribbean—where the sea is those incredible aqua tones—and Barcelona and Venice, two of my most favorite places in the world. The architecture and art is incredible and so inspiring.

But this side of the world would be Byron Bay for its laid-back beach vibe, which is very much this house. I’ve never been but it’s on the wish list; I’m afraid I won’t want to come back if I ever go!


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