Get Nautical With This Art Piece on Bazaar

Mid-Century Painting – A signed painting from 1957 on artists panel in the original period frame. A gestural calligraphic confident abstract style of a nautical scene. Has potential to be reframed in another profile that could make it look like a master work. – SHIPS

We just shared how much we’re loving nautical artwork, which is timeless and can be styled in a number of types of spaces–whether you live in a coastal area or are like me and just can’t get enough of how ship paintings look!

The piece above is abstract and would look beautiful paired with other similar pieces as part of a gallery wall or on its own. It’s a vintage piece that dates back to 1957 and could be reframed if the buyer so desires. It would look particularly stunning in an ornate gold frame.

Do you love nautical pieces as much as we do? Let us know how you’d style this find!

DIY Semi Circle Fringe Mirror


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