15 Costco Tweets That Are Worth the Price of Membership

Do you love to cruise the aisle looking for free samples? Does the idea of closing out your shopping trip with a hot dog fill you with joy? Does your ideal Valentine’s Day date involve a stop at the Costco Food Court? If you’re a frequent flier at Costco, chances are you know a thing or two about a bargain. Here are 15 tweets for any Costco fanatic who knows how to live that Kirkland brand life like a boss:

When it’s time for a snack:

Since you’re basically a fashion influencer:

When your Valentine’s Day plans are clear:

Because you have tremendous style:

When you feel you should buy something just because it’s a deal:

Because you’re determined to get that bargain gas:

When you meme game is strong:

When you have a truly refined palate:

Because you know where to go to get things done:

It’s called romance, look it up:

When you wear your Costco fashions for the awards shows:

When you’re ready to do the heavy lifting:

Because you’re basically a scientist:

Because you know how to throw a party:

He means absurdly delicious.

// https://ift.tt/2hrFdof

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