Costco’s Latest Gem: Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees for Less Than $30

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We’ve sung the praises of fiddle leaf fig trees before: With those giant, gorgeous leaves, they’re seriously statement making. But they can also be expensive—while stores like Trader Joe’s carry them in their tiny tabletop forms for $10-$20, it can be hard to source these beauties in larger sizes for less than $100.

That’s why the commenters over at Reddit’s Costco subreddit were seriously psyched to see a 4-foot-tall version for less than $30

Yes, you read that right: These Costco fiddle leaf fig trees, in 3.5-gallon containers, are going for just $28.99. Of course, there are some challenges in getting a house plant of this size home, and one commenter has some smart advice:

“They’re pretty huge. Mine’s about 80 inches from the base. I have a hatchback so I put the base of it in the rear drivers side seat & angled it back towards the rear passenger seat.

I didn’t lose a lot of soil, but maybe try wrapping the pot in Saran Wrap if you have to lay it down sideways.”

Reddit’s not the only forum to get excited about this deal. YouTuber and house plant expert Erika Lodes recently dropped by her Costco after getting tips from her followers. You can see the impressive size of the fiddle leaf figs in her local store around the 1:50 mark.

Right now it seems like this find is limited to the West Coast, but check your local store—you might be able to bring home a massive new plant for a steal. (If you come up empty handed, no worries: Another favorite of ours, the ZZ plant, is available on the Costco website at a cool two-for-$40 price tag.)


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