Find Out the Color Of Your Name—Then Buy a Portrait of It on Etsy

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Names have meanings, but did you know they also have colors? A tool exists that can generate the letters of your name into a color sequence. But it’s not just a pretty combination of random hues—it’s actually a way some with a rare sensory trait called synesthesia “see” letters. 

Designer and artist Bernadette Sheridan built the interactive tool, which lives on her website Sheridan has grapheme-color synesthesia, the most common form of the trait, which has her “seeing” letters and numbers with specific colors when she hears them out loud, as she explained to Elemental. And in an effort to help others understand how she experiences the world, Sheridan created the tool so others can see their names come to life through a very specific color sequence.

Here’s how the Synesthesia Me Visualizer tool works: all you have to do is put your name into the generator, and it’ll spit out a color combination unique to your name. There is one specific color for every letter of the alphabet, so if you have double letters, then you’ll have a color block as two of the same hues are next to each other. 

You can stop your color name experience there, or you can visit Sheridan’s Etsy shop where she sells custom name portraits. You can buy a digital version to print out at home or a framed version that will be shipped to you. There’s also the option of displaying two names on one portrait as well, which could make for a great engagement or wedding gift. 

Now go forth and get color-fied via the tool here.


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