Be Inspired By This Magical, Mystical RV for Sale Emblazoned with Mr. T Riding a Unicorn

Today in things that really exist that you can buy, allow us to present this 1973 GMC motor home. It's like your average motor home in a lot of ways, except that this one comes with some inspirational art, in the form of Mr. T riding a unicorn. For those who missed out on the [...]


How To Bring Someone To Their Senses

Last month, Australia’s Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, was reported to have called on global leaders to help bring another country “to its senses” ( While I don’t want my blog to become unnecessarily political, it seems that the Australian Prime Minister, perhaps unwittingly, has highlighted the importance of understanding the mechanics involved in [...]

Anthropologie Finds Itself in #Couchgate After Selling Free Sofas, Then Cancelling Orders

For a brief period earlier today, an almost $8,000 sofa was free. Here's how the boho retailer landed itself in what's being called on Twitter as #Couchgate. On Thursday morning, Anthropologie had listed the Edlyn chaise sectional for zero dollars, plus $150 delivery fee. The sofa actually retails for $3,298 to $7,798, but for a [...]