Are You Happy With Your Character Resume?

A lot of people are too caught up in material measures of "success," or fall prey to the status and prestige mindset.  That is, they measure themselves with the yardsticks of what they have attained, how much money they earn, the house they live in, car they drive, jewelry they wear, and/or other external trappings [...]

Why We Need More Connection

My Fucking Feelings 7/26/’17 I haven’t written one of these in a while. Feel like I need to. For me. I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with connection. We are born connected. We feel whole. The second our umbilical cord is cut, we feel alone. Incomplete. From here on out, we [...]

The Smartphone: Handle With Care

Source: freestocks/stocksnap I’m not among the purists who insist that mobile devices and social media are signaling the end of civilization. The technological revolution is benefiting society in many ways. It’s benefiting me personally. If nothing else, the GPS on my phone means my pitiful sense of direction is less of an albatross than it [...]

#MCreads Summer Edition

Oh, man, kids.  I’ve been a reading machine this summer.  I usually check out three books a week and when I brought the last batch home, Chris asked me how I choose books.  “Is it the cover?  Or the author?  Or do you read pages?” he asked.  Chris is not a big reader, and I’d [...]

Two Colorfully Whimsical NYC Pads Are For Sale — House of the Day

Full of art, natural light, and eclectic accessories, maximalists will appreciate these two new multimillion dollar listings. Let's take a look at two colorfully creative Manhattan spaces that are just a little bit off-beat. Starting in Chelsea, this $2.2M apartment owned by eBay executive Bradford Shellhammer (formerly founder of just came on the market [...]

The 8-Minute Clean Home Hack

Love a clean home but hate actually doing the cleaning part? Same. Sometimes a good "I'm stressed and I need something to distract me" clean can be totally satisfying, but on a daily basis, chores can be hard to keep up with. "The Cleaning Ninja" by Courtenay Hartford, aims to help people who want to [...]