Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

This is the week each year I get asked for vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe ideas, so I thought I’d update my list of favorite recipes and ideas from the archives. I’ve also added a few recipes I’ve come across on other sites that looked exciting. I hope those of you preparing, and celebrating Thanksgiving this week … Continue reading Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes


Chickpea & Rice Soup with Garlic Chile Oil

Let this be your cozy bowl of goodness for the season. You’re looking at a chunky rice soup, studded with lots of chickpeas, flecked with kale, and drizzled with a vibrant garlic-chile oil. It has peanuts, and a dusting of turmeric. I made it for lunch, and decided at the last minute to pop off … Continue reading Chickpea & Rice Soup with Garlic Chile Oil