Mentoring a Gifted Child

Source: U.S. Navy, Public Domain We tend to donate our time and money to “the least among us.”  But if the goal is to make the biggest difference, we might want to focus on people with unusually good potential to profit. My favorite example: Mentor or fund the mentoring of a kid(s) from families with … Continue reading Mentoring a Gifted Child


Secrets to Making Friends as an Adult

Source: rawpixel/Pexels I've lived my twenties as a part-time nomad, flip-flopping between New York City and Washington DC, wandering around Haiti for two summers, and spending 6 months in Trinidad and Tobago. I settled in Atlanta for my first job as a college professor. What I was most anxious about during all of these trips … Continue reading Secrets to Making Friends as an Adult

What Makes Some People so Insensitive?

You’re speaking to someone you don’t know that well, and much to your chagrin, this person enters into a small tirade about your many flaws. Although you normally feel confident in your sense of self, this little attack leaves you feeling that something must be pretty wrong about yourself. As you’re forced to endure this … Continue reading What Makes Some People so Insensitive?