How To Bring Someone To Their Senses

Last month, Australia’s Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, was reported to have called on global leaders to help bring another country “to its senses” ( While I don’t want my blog to become unnecessarily political, it seems that the Australian Prime Minister, perhaps unwittingly, has highlighted the importance of understanding the mechanics involved in [...]


Violence Comes in Many Forms

  “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” - An old adage      Linda: The dictionary defines violence as “injurious physical force, action or treatment intended to inflict harm.” The most important word in this definition is “intended". What makes a behavior violent is that there is an intention on [...]

Three Tips for Staying Heart Healthy

By Meredith McCormick, guest contributor, and Angela Grippo Research on brain-body interactions is helping us understand how emotions affect our bodies, and understanding those interactions can actually help you identify strategies to help keep your heart healthy. We know from research that emotions influence the way the brain and heart communicate with each other. Our [...]

7 Ways to Truly Say You’re Sorry

Source: Matthew Henry | Creative Commons There's a reason the song is called, Hard to say I'm sorry. Apologizing is something that doesn't come easy or naturally for most people, including myself. Too often, we get wrapped up in our own lives and our own needs to consider how we might be hurting others, both intentionally and unintentionally. [...]

Communicating Mindfully in Relationships

Staying mindful in our interactions with others starts with the intention to do so. We all have relationships we would like to improve. One way to make those improvements is through mindful communication and intention setting. Research has shown that mindfulness can help people resolve or avoid conflict, improve their relationships, and reduce stress. Researchers [...]

When Online Friendships Cause Distress

It’s not uncommon for people to establish friendships with individuals who “show up” in online and virtual settings. There are virtual support groups, listservs, chat groups, etc. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be totally honest or up front in their online communications as you might want them to be. The online platform provides a [...]

Roadblocks to Intimacy and Trust IV

Note to Reader: As a licensed psychologist, I strictly adhere to the ethics of confidentiality; therefore, I do not use/make reference to any patient/client information in the pieces I write. The only data I use to explore these psychological issues is my own.  The Roadblocks to Intimacy & Trust Series will include several pieces related to [...]