Swiping Right and Left

Source: PIxabay I (Gillian) recently asked my class how their grandparents met. I received a variety of answers, including "in a camp for displaced persons." Most were less unusual, however, and included arranged marriages, through family, or within community networks. I then asked them how their parents met. Here, I heard more “they met in a bar,” … Continue reading Swiping Right and Left

6 Tips for Thanksgiving with a Difficult Family

Every holiday season, family get-togethers can be filled with drama, judgment, and barely concealed eye rolls. The turkey gets served with a side of passive-aggressive stink-eye and you lose track of the number of trips you need to count to ten in the powder room. Therefore, here are six tips for dealing with extended family on … Continue reading 6 Tips for Thanksgiving with a Difficult Family

Emotional Connections Make Us Healthier

Researchers have been taking a deep dive into the emotional needs of adults. This is changing beliefs around grown-up attachment needs. It seems wanting deep connectedness with a partner is not a sign of immaturity, weakness, or (the dreaded) co-dependency. Instead, studies show our emotional needs are an integral and healthy part of our adult operating … Continue reading Emotional Connections Make Us Healthier


By Lisa Wallner Samstag, Ph.D. Source: Shutterstock / Africa Studio Many people come to psychotherapy for problems with personal relationships.  In certain types of talk therapy, an intense relationship develops between a patient and therapist and these interactions often take center stage. Exploring this therapeutic relationship helps unlock patterns that may be causing trouble with … Continue reading WHY DOES MY THERAPIST ASK ME TO TALK ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP?

Are We the Loneliest Generation?

Are singles that lonely? Source: CC0 The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece with a screaming title: The Loneliest Generation. Its authors argue that we are in the midst of an epidemic in which people feel lonelier than ever before. As always, the unmarried population is the usual suspect. The argument is simple: singles have no … Continue reading Are We the Loneliest Generation?