Gourmet Dinner Party Date

Grab your favorite foodies and get ready for a group date feast like never before! Your printable Gourmet Dinner Party pack includes everything you need! The post Gourmet Dinner Party Date appeared first on The Dating Divas. http://bit.ly/2IO0eby


Raiders of the Lost Covenant

I hate to begin an essay with an apology, but I feel like one is in order this time. For the past year and a half I’ve been invested in writing my fourth book, The Rational Male – Religion. This required a degree of perseverance, dedication in research, feedback, interviews and general behind the scenes … Continue reading Raiders of the Lost Covenant

Sexual Assault on College Campuses Is a Pervasive Problem

Sexual assault is a serious, pervasive problem on many college campuses in the United States (US). Sexual assault is defined as any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient, including touching, oral sex, penetration, or attempted rape, whether by physical force or threat of force or because … Continue reading Sexual Assault on College Campuses Is a Pervasive Problem

Do You or Your Partner Have an Anxious Attachment?

Relationships are very much about give and take. At their best, they are a back-and-forth flow of love and affection. Things go smoothly when we’re able to attune to another person’s wants and needs, and they’re able to attune to ours. Yet, as most of us know, this sweet and simple-sounding interaction is often fraught … Continue reading Do You or Your Partner Have an Anxious Attachment?

Trust, Fantasy Versus Credible Faith

Throughout my four decades as a relationship therapist, I’ve too often witnessed how the betrayal of trust damages intimate partnerships. New lovers rarely betray one another, yet often break their commitments as the relationship matures. “I trust you with my whole heart.” “You’ve betrayed my faith in you.“ “I can never trust you again.” Why … Continue reading Trust, Fantasy Versus Credible Faith