The Meta Frame

In last week’s comment thread Not Born This Morning shared an interesting quote that got me to thinking about Frame in a larger, meta perspective. I’m going to riff on it a bit here as I go, but I think it’s important to understand that the concept of Frame applies in many different circumstances in a man’s life. [...]

How To Have A Great Relationship With Yourself, Starting Now

Roots of a great self-relationship My relationship with myself, in a healthy sense, is arguably the most important relationship in one's life. It's easy to identify pathological aspects of self-relatedness - negative narcissism, overly solipsistic perspectives, inability to relate to and empathize with others, and so on. It is likewise easy to identify traits which [...]

Sponsors needed for Phoebe’s Pageant Fund

Phoebe was invited and attended an open call for National American Miss on May 18th. After being interview by the committee she was chosen as one of New Jersey's state finalist. Our next step for Phoebe to proceed is attaining sponsors. As we all know times are tough however, she would appreciate any amount you [...]

Hassles are Part of Being Human, Even for our Ancestors

Being human is messy. Our lives are often filled with multiple hurdles and obstacles, often small, but nonetheless important. Whether it is social conflicts with our friends and co-workers, expectations and obligations to relatives, conflicts and challenges in our living spaces, health, and livelihood, or even the ever-present existential confusion about who we are and [...]

Recycling In Breakup Grief

Source: LoboStudioHamburg/Pixabay Grief is a spiral. But am I going up or coming down? ~ C.S. Lewis In  Getting Back Out There I write about the 5 R’s as roadblocks on the dating road.  One of them is Recycle because dating often triggers recycling, but you don’t need to be DATING to be recycling in grief. [...]

“I Don’t Have the Bandwidth for That”—

Source: Diane Dreher photo For centuries, human beings have measured their lives by the cycles of the seasons and the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset. Yet now research reveals we are losing our connection with nature. In 2015, a group of noted writers sent a letter of protest to Oxford University Press, which had [...]