Will it Last? Three Tests

If you’re wondering about whether your relationship will last—and just as important, whether it is a good bet for your health and happiness (that “your” is plural) I propose three tests. Each one requires thinking about time. 1. How do you feel about the time you spend after sex, the after-glow? Do you end the [...]


The 7 C’s of Thanksgiving

“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” Ram Dass These wise words from a spiritual guru encourage us to approach the holiday season with a serving of humility that is greater than or equal to our serving of pumpkin pie. Family will always have the power to stir us up [...]

What’s The Best Way to Counteract Rude Behavior?

Complaints about rudeness in others aren’t new to contemporary society, but modern life certainly presents many opportunities for others to be uncivil. There are the people can't resist checking their cellphones while talking to you, who dawdle and fiddle around at the self check-out counter at the drug store, or who fail to RSVP to your [...]

Navigating the Holidays

Source: schaeffler/Pixabay A key to having a good holiday experience with family and friends is planning. We plan our travel, where we will stay, and what we will eat. But we don’t always plan for the people we will be with. It is important to consider who we will be with. Research suggests that there [...]

You Can’t Make Someone “Care”

“His sister told me that ‘no one in our family ever learned how to love another person’ so that’s probably why he doesn’t care.” “When I was in the greatest need of my life for care and comfort, he chose to watch a ball game rather than be with me.” “His politics are all about [...]

Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown

Christ-Centered Christmas CountdownThe Christmas season is a time for peace and joy to fill our homes, but often the chaos and stress of the holidays overwhelm and leave us unable to focus on what truly matters. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism that is all around us. As parents, [...]