20 Questions Couples Game

Get to know your spouse better 20 questions at a time! These questions for couples make for a fun and simple date idea that you can use over and over again! The post 20 Questions Couples Game appeared first on The Dating Divas. https://ift.tt/2J9PLFr


I Am A Failure As A Mother

Dear Dr. G., I am just so confused and frustrated. I have 2 kids. They are both girls. My 16 year old is a high school junior and my 18 year old is a college freshman. I devote all of my life and energy to raising these girls. I stayed up all night with them when … Continue reading I Am A Failure As A Mother

Gender Politics

My Fair Lady Source: Flickr/Creative Commons/public Domain Mark It was Henry Higgins who once exclaimed, “Damn, damn, damn, damn. Why can’t a woman—be more like a man.”1 Today, we might ask, “Why can’t a man be more like a woman”—when it comes to being human, without extolling the virtues of male moral behavior. Contrary to … Continue reading Gender Politics

Manipulation in Prisoner-Guard Relationships

           News articles detailing inappropriate relationships between inmates and prison workers crop up with more regularity than you might expect. Corrections officers (COs) and social workers, with the most frequent contact, are at highest risk. But anyone can get caught up in a situation fraught with job loss and potential criminal charges.             How … Continue reading Manipulation in Prisoner-Guard Relationships

Why I Write

"A Writer's Socks" © 2018 photograph by C. Malchiodi, PhD Source: © C. Malchiodi, PhD Like many individuals who write for the public on platforms like Psychology Today, I have had my share of insulting and disturbing emails and comments. I have been actually quite fortunate to only have the occasional laugh-out-loud memos from Internet … Continue reading Why I Write